Join a WebEx Session

Live WebEx classes require some additional preparation. While you may be able to access your WebEx via mobile devices such as Android or Apple iOS, you will find it much easier to use a laptop or desktop computer. For presenting and communicating with your class, a webcam will be a great help as well as a microphone and headphones. Virtually all laptops have a webcam and microphone that should be adequate for WebEx. It is highly recommended that you use headphones when you are attending WebEx classes.

To access WebEx for a particular course:

A.            Log in to Canvas and select Dashboard

B.   Click your course.

C.            Select WebEx

D.            Locate the upcoming WebEx classes for this course. 15 minutes before the start time you will be able to connect and get logged in to the online session.

E.            You can test out your computer's microphone and camera for WebEx at this link from Cisco WebEx.