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We hope the below tools are helpful as you continue making your law school decision. 

1) Message from the Dean

2) Virtual Class: see below for several recent classes.

3) Financial Aid Presentation: see below for a presentation about financing law school. 

4) Virtual Tour of the Law School: see below for a tour, broken down into segments, offered by Katherine Sims. Visit our saved Instagram stories for a student-led tour! We will be updating our tour in Fall 2020, so check back! 

5) Alumni Panels: see below for two different alumni panels, each with four different alumni in different regions/practice areas. 

  • General Panel #1
  • General Panel #2 
  • Panel #3: Transactional Law (coming October 2020)
  • Panel #4: Litigation (coming October 2020)
  • Panel #5: Service (coming October 2020)
  • Panel #6: Non-Traditional (coming October 2020) 

5) Virtual Information Sessions: see below for a presentation about the Baylor Law program and two sessions of 5 student ambassadors answering questions about Baylor Law.