Confirm Practice Exam Submitted

Checking to be sure that your Practice Exam has been submitted is simple.

Open Exam4 and click "Select existing exam"

A list of all exams taken on your laptop will appear.

Select the exam you want to be sure about and then click "View Exam Submittal Receipt"

The window that appears should say "Exam Submittal Successful" at the top. Below, this it will show a file name and a timestamp. Keep reading to see how to easily interpret this window.

Below ELECTRONIC SUBMITTAL SUCCESSFUL it will show Filename: and then have a long file name. The first part will be your exam number for this round of testing (F56839 in this example). Next will be a date code (in this example 180122.) which is January 22, 2018. Then the name of the exam, (in this example W18PracticeExam.) At the end of the file are some number that won't be useful for you (in this example _NA_EXAM4FLASH_8653 - 0.xm3.)

If you see this Exam Submittal Successful window for your practice exam, then the exam has been submitted to the server.

Always be sure to do submit your practice exam before the Practice Exam deadline!