Student Profile - Andrew Martinez

Andrew Martinez Data Sheet Graphic

Getting to Know Andrew Martinez

What is your favorite thing about Baylor Law?

My favorite thing about Baylor Law School is the healthy competition. My classmates bring out the best in each other in a positive, encouraging way.

What activities are you involved in, and what do you enjoy doing during your free time?

I am involved in the Student Bar Association, the Hispanic American Law Student Association, Student Ambassadors, I’m on a moot court team and play intramural sports. During my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball and kayaking.

What do you plan to do with your law degree?

I plan to work as an attorney and then get involved in Texas politics.

Did you have any noteworthy experiences/jobs (law-related or other) before you began at Baylor Law?

Before coming to Baylor Law, I worked with businesses based in the U.S. and abroad to implement end-to-end technology solutions. I worked with a number of electoral commissions across dozens of foreign countries to ensure fair and transparent elections through voting technology.