Turningpoint Clickers for Law Faculty

The following are resources available to you covering all aspects of clickers in the classroom.  Baylor uses clickers by Turning Technology (turningtechnologies.com).  Please select which category about clickers you are interested in.  If this is your first time using clickers, we highly recommend you look through all of the categories in order.

Deciding to Use Clickers
Linking with Canvas
Importing Class Participant List into Canvas
Creating PowerPoint for Polling
Exporting Polling Session into Canvas
Integrating Quiz Results into Canvas

Using Reports and Demographics
Getting Assistance
Other Resources

Deciding to Use Clickers

Contact Law IT Staff at least four weeks prior to using clickers in class.  IT will give you a receiver to use and install TurningPoint on the laptop you will use in class.

Linking with Canvas

1. Log in to Canvas at canvas.baylor.edu
2. Click commons icon on left hand side
3. Uncheck “Show Public Resources”
4. Click on “Turning Technologies Clicker/Account Registration”
5. Select courses that you plan to use clickers in and click “Import into Course”
6. Select courses and then select modules.  List will confirm you followed all steps correctly by displaying green check marks.
7. When class is ready to go make sure to select publish

Importing TurningPoint Participant List to Canvas

1.Link TurningPoint account with Canvas account
2. Open TurningPoint Cloud program
3. Download TurningPoint Cloud PC or Mac install: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/downloads
4. Click manage tab and click participant list
5. Select new and select "Download from Integration"
6. Click create list
7. Select Canvas from drop down menu
8. Enter “baylor.turningtechnologies.com” as server address
9. Select Remember this information (may be prompted for BearID and password)
10. Select Authorize
11. Select course you wish to import and then select import

Creating PowerPoint for Polling

1. Open TurningPoint and Select PowerPoint Polling
2. If grayed-out click "Install PowerPoint Library" button
3. Will see TurningPoint tool bar at top of the screen once PowerPoint load
4. Either start new or open existing presentation
5. Locate where you want to insert a question
6. Select new from TurningPoint tool bar
7. Select type of question
8a. If want to set correct answer, click scoring options on right hand side
8b. Mark correct answer “correct”; rest will be marked incorrect.
9a. For immediate feedback in class choose objects dropdown menu
9b. Choose Correct Answer Indicator
9c. Choose type of feedback (arrow, checkmark, etc.)
10. Type out question
11. Type in up to 10 possible answer choices
12. Select refresh button on TurningPoint toolbar to update the slide
13. Save as normal PowerPoint when done
14. You then will be taken back to TurningPoint dashboard

Exporting Polling Session into Canvas

1. Open TurningPoint Cloud program
2. Click Manage tab and click update
3. Click connect and log in with bearid and password if applicable  
4. Click authorize and click update list if available
5. Click close
6. Double click on course on left hand side
7. Click integration tab at top and click connect
8. Select export session
9. Select which one you want to export to canvas. This should be the name of your quiz session.
10. Click Export and ii prompted click export again
11. Confirmation prompt should appear
12. May take a few minutes for data to appear

Integrating Quiz Results

1. Export Polling Session into Canvas
2. Select Grades in Canvas to See Results

Using Reports and Demographics

1. Open TurningPoint
2. Select saved session from left panel
3. Expand associated participant list to view session
4. Click Reports in bottom right corner
5. Select a report from drop-down menu
6. Checking boxes in right panel adjusts details of report

Getting Assistance

1. Contact Law IT staff at baylorlawit@baylor.edu
2. If we are unable to figure it out we will contact main campus or Turning Technology
3. Check other resources

Other Resources

Advanced Training Videos