People's Law School | 2018

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The People's Law School 2018 offers a half-day curriculum of courses designed to educate consumers about their legal rights and to make the law "user friendly." The courses are taught by volunteer attorneys and legal experts.

Baylor Law will host the People's Law School on February 10, 2018. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., with 9:00 being the start time for this year's People's Law School. Our day will run until 12:45 p.m.

This has become an annual event sponsored by Baylor Law and other organizations for the benefit of the Central Texas community. It is absolutely free to attend.

Participants choose up to three courses from the full schedule of hour-long courses offered. The courses focus on useful issues such as consumer rights, wills, elder law, consumer law and family law and much more.

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Walk-ins are welcome!

Our full list of courses is below

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A Behind the Scenes Look at the Jury Selection Process
This class is for those who want a better understanding of the jury selection process.   What are the attorneys looking for when they select a jury?  What’s the difference between a preemptory challenge and a challenge for cause?   Two experienced trial lawyers will conduct a mock voir dire in a mock case presided over by one of our local judges.

Consumer Law
The instructor for this class will provide an overview of some of the more important consumer protection statutes, with special emphasis on the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Debt Collectors and Identity Theft
What rights do debtors have?  What is permissible for debt collectors and when do they violate the law?  What rights and responsibilities do you have if you are the victim of identity theft?  The instructor of this course will educate attendees about their rights in this area of the law.

Elder Law
This course provides an overview of issues important to senior citizens and those who care about them, including a review of long-term care planning, including Medicaid eligibility.

Family Law I
The instructor of this course will provide a brief overview of divorce, protective orders, and related issues.

Family Law II
In this course, participants will learn about the law regarding child custody and visitation duties and rights, child support, and grandparent's rights.

Finding the Law 
This is the course for people who wish to know how to use the library and the internet to find cases, statutes, and other law-related items.  

Some members of Congress are calling for President Trump to be impeached, as did Members from the other party as to President Obama. Join us for this non-partisan look at the process of impeaching a federal official, whether it be a president, member of the cabinet, or Supreme Court justice.

Intellectual Property Law for the Common Person
When can you copy a DVD or include another photographer’s picture for use in your social media without infringing the owner’s copyright?  What’s the difference between copyright and trademark law?  The instructor of this course will provide attendees a brief primer on this area of the law.

Introduction to Special Education Law
This instructor in this course will provide an overview of the important laws and procedures regarding special needs children and their education, including a look at the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process, discipline of students with special needs, and other topics of interest to those who parent or work with special needs children.

Landlord/Tenant Law
This course will provide valuable information for both landlords and tenants on the Fair Housing Act; security deposits; the landlord’s responsibility for repairs; and eviction.

Law School:  How to Get In
Whether you are currently in college or contemplating a second career, this course will provide you the information you need if you are considering applying to Baylor or another law school.

Preview/Review of the Supreme Court Term
What has the Supreme Court been up to?  What cases is the Court hearing this term?  The instructor of this course will summarize some of the important cases that have been decided by the Court or that will be argued to the Court recently.

Privacy and Social Media
What privacy rights do social media users have?  What protections are there for users of Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, and other social media platforms?  The instructor of this course will educate attendees on this important area of the law.

Sexual Harassment and the Workplace
The instructor of the course will provide an overview of what constitutes sexual harassment and the law’s response to sexual harassment when it happens.

The Immigration Travel Ban:  What the President Can and Can’t Do and Why You Should Care
The instructor of this course will update the class on the status of the cases regarding the travel ban and will address current issues regarding immigration.


The New Tax Bill and What It Means for the Ordinary Taxpayer
This course will address key points of the new tax legislation and what it means for the typical taxpayer.

Veterans’ Rights
This course will provide veterans a basic review of rights and benefits available to them, as well as a basic overview of services offered by the Veteran’s One-Stop.

Wills and Estate Planning
Everyone should have a will. Students in this course will learn the requirements of a valid will and basic estate planning considerations.