Student Profile - Karen Marie Evans

Getting to Know Karen Marie Evans

What is your favorite thing about Baylor Law School?

My favorite thing about Baylor Law is the amazing friendships I’ve made. There’s something really special about going through law school together, especially a school like Baylor, and there is a certain camaraderie that develops with your classmates. I have no doubt that the friendships I’ve made here will be lifelong.

What do you plan to do with your law degree?

I want to be an estate planner, as well as do other transactional legal work. Hopefully I will find a small or medium sized firm that is a good fit for me.

Why did you choose Baylor Law?

I chose Baylor Law because I knew it would best prepare me to be practice-ready. Even though I don’t want to be a litigator, the Practice Court experience is going to prove invaluable to me, particularly as an associate when I don’t have the freedom to choose the work I do. Even outside of the courtroom, I know that Practice Court is going to give me confidence in the things that I do.