Transactional Faculty

Members of the Baylor Transactional Law faculty are accomplished scholars and skilled practitioners, most with significant experience in full-time practice before joining the faculty. Some are nationally recognized leaders in their respective fields. Some advise legislative councils, serve as expert witnesses, and mentor practicing lawyers. All remain on the front lines, practicing what they teach, consulting, and engaging with developments in the law as they unfold in real time.

As students progress through the program, they will come to know their professors not just as lecturers, but as coaches and advisors. Small classes promote give and take. Feedback is one-on-one. And the Capstone experiences allow students in-depth access to mentorship that far outpaces the norm at traditional law schools.

Beth Miller
Tom Featherston
Leah Teague
Connie Nichols
Bridget Fuselier
Walt Shelton
David Henry
Pat Souter

Ken D’Alessandro