Professional Tracks & Capstones

As each quarter progresses, the workload becomes increasingly more challenging. The program builds on itself, as knowledge gained the first year is applied the second, and put into practice through real-world simulations in the third. Small classes and one-on-one access to professors increase opportunities to develop and sharpen the transactional skills that aspiring lawyers will need as practicing attorneys.


Students interested in pursuing transactional practice can choose from among several “Professional Tracks” that provide deeper dives into specialized areas such as business planning, estate planning, healthcare law, intellectual property, and transactions involving real estate and natural resources. Every Professional Track is organized so that each course complements and reinforces the next. Along the way, practical skill components are added that give students valuable, hands-on experience in everything from working with documents to drafting resources for clients.


Students who excel in the Business Planning, Estate Planning or Intellectual Property Professional Tracks will have the opportunity to pursue Special Distinction within the Track. Special Distinction students will complete even more courses within the track and will have the opportunity to complete a customized Capstone experience.


The ultimate highlight of the track program journey are the Capstone experiences offered in the Professional Tracks with Special Distinctions. Designed to provide customized, one-on-one opportunities to work directly with professors who are at the top of their respective fields, Baylor’s Capstone courses mold and challenge students’ skills in a unique way. Working intensely one-on-one with faculty over an entire quarter, students come away with experience equivalent to, or even exceeding, that of real-world legal assignment.