Transactional Courses

Transactional Courses


Taxation & Accounting Principles for Lawyers
An introduction to basic accounting and tax principles with primary emphasis on business and investment income and deductions, and acquisition and sale of assets. Students also will learn to read basic financial statements, including a balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and to calculate basic financial ratios. Additionally, tax consequences related to general litigation and divorce proceedings will be covered.

Business Organizations 1
A study of basic agency principles and the law governing the formation and operation of corporations, general and limited partnerships (including limited liability partnerships), and limited liability companies. The course requires the study of common law and the Texas Business Organizations Code.

LARC 4: Transactional Drafting
This course introduces students to the drafting and reviewing of documents in a transactional setting, including offers, contracts, engagement letters, purchase agreements, and related documents. The students learn to understand the requirements of transactional drafting and the necessary content and structure of each transactional document.

Trusts & Estates
A study of the gratuitous transfers of wealth, including wills, intestate succession, trusts and other non-testamentary transfers. The course also covers the property rights of spouses under the Texas community property system.


♦ Administration of Estates
♦ Administration of Estates Capstone
♦ Advanced Legal Research
♦ Antitrust Law
♦ Bankruptcy
♦ Business & State Issues in Environmental Law
♦ Business Law Boot Camp
♦ Business Organizations 2
♦ Business Planning Capstone
♦ Business Planning and Drafting
♦ Business Torts
♦ Business Transactions: Current Topics in Mergers & Acquisitions
♦ Business Transactions:  Mergers & Acquisitions
♦ Business Transactions: Venture Capital
♦ Client Counseling
♦ Commercial Law: Negotiable Instruments
♦ Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
♦ Construction Law
♦ Consumer Protection
♦ Copyright Law
♦ Contract Drafting & Negotiation
♦ E-Commerce
♦ Elder Law
♦ Employment Discrimination
♦ Employment Relations
♦ Entertainment Law
♦ Environmental Law
♦ Estate Planning
♦ Franchising
♦ Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
♦ Healthcare Law
♦ Healthcare: Regulation of Healthcare Professionals
♦ Information Privacy Law
♦ Insurance Law
♦ Intellectual Property
♦ Intellectual Property: Trademark Practice & Disputes
♦ Intellectual Property Capstone
♦ International Business Transactions
♦ International Trade Law
♦ Labor Law
♦ Leadership Development & Engagement
♦ Natural Resources Protection Law
♦ Nonprofit Organizations
♦ Oil & Gas Law
♦ Oil & Gas: Advanced Oil & Gas Law Principles & Drafting
♦ Patent Law
♦ Real Estate Finance
♦ Real Estate: Land Use Planning & Development
♦ Real Estate: Texas Title Issues
♦ Retirement Law
♦ Sales Transactions: Domestic & International Law
♦ Securities Regulation
♦ Sports Law
♦ Taxation of Business Entities
♦ Taxation of Individual and Family Businesses
♦ Transactional Law Practice Lab
♦ Water Law
♦ Wealth Transfers
♦ Wealth Transfers Capstone
♦ White Collar Crime