Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Students entering Baylor law find that the first day here is distinctive—because everything from that moment on is focused on preparing them for the practice of law.

Across the nation, new lawyers overwhelmingly report that their law school journey left them woefully unprepared for practice. We believe we have an obligation to deliver more than a graduate school experience. We believe that our graduates should be equipped to practice law the moment they walk out the door.

The real test of a law school’s advocacy program is not measured in the select few who are chosen for interscholastic teams, or those who earn a position on the Law Review, but in the breadth and quality of instruction provided to the entire student body. Baylor Law is committed to providing the most rigorous and challenging trial advocacy training to every student.


We’re not just training Baylor Law graduates for a career. We’re training Baylor Lawyers to take care of the people whose lives, families, and fortunes will be entrusted to them. We do not want our students buckling under pressure, so we put them under pressure here—in real-world situations—where they have to make the hard decisions, think and respond quickly, face a judge or a jury or an opposing counsel and deliver on behalf of their client.

We want them to practice here, face adversity here, recognize their mistakes here, hone their skills here, gain their confidence here and realize what’s at stake when they enter that courtroom—not on the job when they’re trying their first case.


So we make it challenging.

Baylor Law’s required curriculum provides a logical progression of study from fundamental legal doctrine and theory in first-year courses to increasingly more sophisticated and complex issues in the second. As students make their journey, the rigor increases, in terms of the amount of material, the level of precision and the use of skills that a practicing attorney ultimately has to employ.

In the third year, the intensity ratchets up again, as every student, regardless of whether they aspire to litigate, enters the nation’s premier lawyer training program—Baylor Law’s renowned Practice Court. Here, all the theories and exercises learned in the first two years culminate as each student draws on the tools of procedure, evidence and advocacy to try multiple cases from beginning to end. During their third year, students simultaneously navigating the peak demands and pressures they will someday face in practice. Only after they make it through here—through the intensity of Practice Court—are they ready to become Baylor Lawyers.


It’s all part of creating a culture of professional excellence. We have high expectations for every student who enters Baylor Law. And even higher ones when our students graduate and enter practice.

Because we believe that no matter what area of law they pursue, or where their career takes them—having honed their skills in the most challenging lawyer training program in the nation—they will be prepared. They will be confident.

And they will be ready.

“Wherever you look in the profession—in government, in the organized bar, on the bench—you’ll see that Baylor Lawyers are leaders. In the courtroom, from my experience, no young lawyer is better prepared to represent a client.”

—Harper Estes
Assistant Criminal District Attorney,
Former President of the State Bar of Texas