Legal Writing

Legal Writing

Writing is foundational to the practice of law. Everything that takes place in a courtroom begins with writing. Every sales agreement, non-disclosure, and contract crucial to business rests on writing. From litigation to the practice of transactional law, written advocacy skills are crucial.

Legal employers have long identified writing as a weakness in -many law school graduates. For Baylor graduates, it has become a strength. Baylor is one of the few schools in the nation with a comprehensive, three-year, fully integrated writing program that focuses on the development of practice-ready writing skills.

Legal writing classes are rigorous and thorough, with each course building on the previous. Students progress from foundational mechanics, grammar, and syntax, through research and objective writing, to the very documents they will be writing in practice. The journey culminates in the third year in Baylor’s nationally recognized Practice Court, where students will draft the full gamut of litigation-based documents from beginning to end.

Led by a writing faculty with more than a century of experience in the practice of law and a half-century of full-time teaching, the writing program is hands-on, with peer reviews and one-on-one feedback. Regarded as having one of the best legal writing programs in the state of Texas, Baylor develops a sense of mastery in students that places them well ahead of their peers, ready to enter practice as effective written advocates on day one.