Computer and Printer locations

Computers have been placed in the following locations:

Circulation Desk (1st Floor):

  • 1 PC near the Circulation desk in the library
  • Law-Circulation-A
  • Law-Circulation-B
  • Law-Circulation-Color
  • LEXIS Library Lobby

Library Reserve area behind Circulation Desk (1st Floor):

  • 5 PCs and 1 Scanner in the Reserve area of the library
  • Law-Library-Reserve Printer
  • LEXIS printer

Library Copy Room #201 (2nd Floor):

  • 1 PC in the room near Library stairs on the 2nd floor (201)
  • Law-2nd-Copy-Room-A

Student Lounge:

  • 1 PC in Student Lounge
  • LAW-Student-Lounge
  • LAW-Student-Lounge-B
  • LAW-Student-Lounge-Color
  • LEXIS Student Lounge

2nd Floor Classroom wing:

  • Law-2nd-Lockers-B
  • LEXIS Locker Room 235

Library Copy Room (3rd Floor):

  • 1 PC outside the 3rd-floor copy room in the library

Technology  Commons (3rd Floor Library):

  • 4 PCs
  • Law-Computer-Lab-A
  • Lexis 3rd floor computer lab

Please let us know if you have any technology questions or problems.

--Edited April 2021--