Admissions FAQs


1. What is Baylor Law's LSAT code?
Baylor Law's LSAT code is 7165.
2. How can I obtain LSAT registration information?
Visit for LSAT information and for more general information about the law school application process.
3. Which LSATs does Baylor Law accept?
Baylor Law accepts LSAT scores from this year and the past 5 testing years (a testing year runs from June-May), as long as we have received the score by the application deadline.
4. Is there an LSAT preparatory program taught at Baylor Law?
Baylor Law does not offer an LSAT preparatory program.
5. Should I take an LSAT preparatory program?
This is a personal decision, and there is no one way to study for the LSAT.
6. Does Baylor Law average my LSAT scores if I take the LSAT more than once?
No. Although the Admissions Committee will see all of your LSAT scores, they report and review the highest score. However, if there is a large number of cancellations, or if your score changes dramatically, we recommend you include an addendum to provide additional context.

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Application Process

1. How much is the application fee?
Baylor Law does not charge an application fee. 
2. What are the application requirements?
Click here for information.
3. What are the application deadlines?
Spring: early December
Fall Early Decision: early December
Summer: mid-March
Fall Regular Decision: mid-March 
4. What scores do you accept/require?
There is no minimum score that we require. However, you may look at our 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles here to see where your scores fall.
5. How do you view multiple LSAT scores/cancellations?
We report the highest LSAT score, so we care the most about the highest score. However, if there is a large number of cancellations, or if your score changes dramatically, we recommend you include an addendum to provide additional context. 
6. How important is the personal statement?
The personal statement is an important part of the application. It is an opportunity for the Admissions Committee to get to know you!
7. Does applying to more than one quarter hurt my chances?
No. Applying to multiple quarters does not hurt your chances. Each application is evaluated separately. 
8. What additional application requirements are there for international students?
Click here for information for international applicants. 
9. May I request an interview with the Admissions Committee?
We offer a number of opportunities for optional interviews. Click here for more details.
10. How do I attach an addendum to my application?
You may email any member of the admissions team with your addendum.
11. What if I forgot something when I submitted my application?
Email a member of the admissions team, and we will upload it to your file.
12. My contact information has changed. What should I do?
Contact a member of the admissions team, and we will change your information.
13. When will my decision be rendered?
The Admissions Committee makes decisions on a rolling basis. We try to make decisions as quickly as possible. If it has been more than six weeks since your file was completed, please feel free to contact a member of the admissions team. 
14. How will I be notified whether I am admitted or denied?
Your online status checker will indicate whether or not a decision has been made. You will receive your admissions decision via mail, via email, and/or via the online status checker. 

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Academic Programs

1. Does Baylor Law offer evening classes?
No. All of our classes are during work hours, in order to ensure that Baylor Law students begin adapting to an ordinary work schedule.
2. Does Baylor Law offer a part-time program?
No. However, there is no quarterly credit requirement, apart from during the first three quarters and during the two quarters of Practice Court.
3. Does Baylor Law offer classes at any of Baylor's satellite campuses?
No. All Baylor Law J.D. classes are offered in the Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center in Waco, TX.
4. How do I register for classes?
Several weeks before the start of each quarter, you will receive information about how to register for classes.
5. What types of experiential learning opportunities are available to students?
Baylor Law offers a number of experiential learning opportunities. Click here to explore offerings. 
6. What is Practice Court?
Practice Court is a rigorous two-quarter training program required during the last year of study. Visit the Practice Court page for more information.
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The Quarter System

1. Can I apply to more than one quarter?
Yes. You may apply to as many quarters as you desire.
2. How big are the respective classes?
The Fall class generally has 75-90 students. The Spring and Summer classes each generally have 20-40 students. 
3. Why does Baylor Law believe in the quarter system?
We believe the quarter system provides for the greatest flexibility and is a reflection of the work life of a legal professional. Click here for more information. 

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The Timeline

1. How long does it take for a decision to be made once my file goes to the Admissions Committee?
The Admissions Committee reviews files on a rolling basis and tries its best to render prompt decisions. However, in the case that the Committee thinks it may be able to offer a favorable decision further in the cycle, it may hold your file for several months.
2. Are applications accepted after the deadlines?
Yes, although we appreciate it if you submit your file in a timely fashion. Additionally, if you are taking the LSAT in a foreign country that has a later LSAT date, we will accept your file after you receive your score. The Admissions Committee may choose to extend the deadline for any given term.
3. My file has been complete for several months, but I have not yet received a decision. Whom should I contact for help?
You are welcome to contact any member of the admissions team for questions about your file.

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My Decision

1. How will I be notified of my final decision from the Admissions Committee?
You will receive a letter and/or email sent to the address on file.
2. What does being put on the Waitlist mean?
Being put on the Waitlist means that the Admissions Committee was impressed with your credentials and would like to admit you to Baylor Law if space becomes available.
3. I have been put on the Waitlist: should I submit additional materials?
If you believe that there is relevant or new information the Admissions Committee should know (e.g. new grades, new LSAT score, updated resume, etc.) please feel free to email us with this additional information. It is also acceptable to contact us periodically to express your interest in remaining on the Waitlist.
4. If I am admitted, can my admission be deferred?
No. We do not typically accept deferrals. However, the Admissions Committee may consider reactivation requests on a case-by-case basis. If your reactivation request is granted, we will create an application for you for the future term, and the Admissions Committee will review that file early. 
5. If I am neither admitted nor taken off the Waitlist, can I be reconsidered for the next year?
Yes. You may submit an application for the next year. 
6. If I am admitted to or denied for one quarter, may I still apply to another quarter?
Yes. You may apply to as many quarters as you like, regardless of other admissions decisions. Each file is reviewed individually.

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Student Life

1.  Is there an Orientation for new students? Is it mandatory?
Yes. Baylor Law hosts a two-day mandatory orientation the week before classes begin.
2. Are there apartments close to campus?
Yes. There a number of housing options close to campus. You will receive information on housing options further on in the admission process.
3. Where can I park on campus?
Students may purchase parking permits for the parking lot directly in front of the law school. Students may also park at McLane Stadium, directly behind the law school, and walk across a bridge to the law school. 
4. Is there on-campus transportation available for students?
While Baylor University classes are in session, you do have access to the Baylor bus system. For more information on the bus system, click here.
5. Is employment feasible during the first year of classes?
Employment is strongly discouraged during the first three quarters and during the rigorous two-quarter Practice Court Program.
6. Does Baylor Law offer free Internet and e-mail service to its students?
7. Do Baylor Law students have access to other Baylor facilities such as the Student Life Center?
You may have access to the Student Life Center and other facilities such as the health center, the counseling center, sporting events, and the marina. 
8. What types of student organizations can I join while at Baylor Law?
For a full list of Baylor Law student organizations, click here.

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Contact Us

1. What is Baylor Law's mailing address?
Our mailing address is:
          Baylor Law
          1114 South University Parks Drive
          One Bear Place #97288
          Waco, TX 76798
2. How do I contact Baylor Law?
Click here to contact us today!