Baylor and Waco

Baylor and Waco are welcoming, supportive communities. The city and the university offer resources without the more distracting elements of a major metropolitan area. Because of its central location, the law school has large alumni networks in the major cities throughout Texas. For more information about Waco, please click here.

The Facility

The school sits on the banks of the Brazos River and was designed for law school students' comfort and convenience. Its 128,000 square feet of space houses classrooms made to fit our smaller class sizes, professional courtrooms, faculty offices designed for student-professor mentoring, and an extensive law library with ample study space.

The Faculty

The law school faculty has an open-door policy. The professors do not have set office hours and invite students to meet with them at the students' convenience. The Baylor Law faculty is an experienced group of scholars and practitioners with significant experience in full-time practice. They make teaching their priority, using both their scholarly expertise and their wisdom as seasoned law professionals. For more information about our faculty, please click here.