Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Each year, when the National Jurist ranks the “Best Law Schools for Practical Training,” it’s not surprising to find Baylor Law near the top. Long before law schools across the country adopted the term “practice-ready,” Baylor Law had already established the preeminent program to educate and train students for the practice of law.

Here, students don’t just study law—they live it—as classroom instruction and legal theory find meaning in hands-on experiences that develop the real-world skills necessary to modern practice.

Over the course of their Baylor Law journey, students learn to craft and deliver opening statements, examine witnesses and conduct multiple jury trials all the way through closing argument and verdict—developing the precision and attention to detail critical to effective advocacy. They write contracts, complete trademark applications, craft sales agreements and negotiate on behalf of their clients—just like in practice. And along the way, they have opportunities to face off against the best law schools in the country, gain valuable clinical experience, work in the community, learn how to open their own law firm—even polish their oratorical skills in a grand, 16th century hall once home to the first Scottish Parliament.

By integrating highly realistic lawyering exercises into the curriculum, and by offering a wealth of “outside-the-school” experiences, Baylor Law graduates enter their first day of court poised and prepared, as if they’ve been there a hundred times.

Because they have.

“As an Assistant Criminal District Attorney, I’m in the courtroom every day. And every day, I enter the courtroom with the confidence that comes with being a Baylor Lawyer. From docket calls to jury trials, I know that my experiences at Baylor Law prepared me for it all.”

—Sade Y. Mitchell
Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Bexar County District Attorney’s Office