THE BAYLOR WAY is not the easiest road to a law degree. But for students interested in the practice of law, it can easily be the most rewarding.

Baylor Law students complete a curriculum with proportionately more required courses than students at other law schools, one that develops a solid foundation in transactional law and litigation. Courses are integrated and sequenced to build on one another. As they progress, the intensity increases.

By the time they reach graduation, every student will have honed their written advocacy skills through one of the nation’s most in-depth Legal Writing Programs. And every student will have stood and delivered in law schools’ premiere mock courtroom, Baylor’s famous Practice Court.

There are no 300-person classrooms at Baylor Law School. The experience, while rigorous, is personal—with one-on-one access to professors who are personally invested in equipping their students with the practice-ready skills needed to not only make a successful career, but to make a difference.

It is this unwavering commitment to professional excellence that has propelled Baylor Lawyers to success in the courtroom, the boardroom, and in communities all around the world. Without it, it still might be an excellent law school, but it would not be Baylor.