Departments and Programs

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.1911
Jenny Branson
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Phone: 254.710.4842
Katherine Sims
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Phone: 254.710.3239
Georgia Tate
Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 254.710.7296
Justin Crowder
Administrative Associate for Admissions and Financial Aid
Phone: 254.710.6872

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.3611
Robert Little
Director of Advocacy Programs and Lecturer
Phone: 254.710.4917
Kathy Serr
Advocacy Program Coordinator
Phone: 254.710.1850

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.4346
Jordan Hannah
    Director of Alumni Relations
    Phone: 254.710.8538
Stephanie Mabry
Director of Development
Phone: 254.710.8540
Barbara Lindsay
Office Manager
Phone: 254.710.8357

MAIN NUMBER- 254.710.3611
Prof. Elizabeth Miller
M. Stephen and Alyce A. Beard Chair in Business and Transactional Law
Phone: 254.710.6583
Noah Patrick
Business and Transactional Law Associate
Phone: 254.710.6595

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.1210
Kristine Bridges
Assistant Dean of Career Development
Phone: 254.710.8537
Austin Byrom
Director of Career Development
Phone: 254.710.6593
Lauren Porter
Career Development Coordinator 
Phone: 254.710.1210

Communications & Marketing
MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.6681
Ed Nelson
Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 254.710.6681
Nick Teixeira
Assistant Director of Creative Services 
Phone: 254.710.4823

Dean's Office
MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.1911
Laura Obenoskey
Assistant to the Dean
Sam Smith
Diversity and Event Coordinator
Andrea Carpenter
Office Manager

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.3611
Prof. Liz Fraley
Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management
Phone: 254.710.3986
Prof. Jim Wren
Leon Jaworski Chair of Practice & Procedure
Phone: 254.710.7670
Kyle H. Dreyer
Executive Program Coordinator, Baylor Law Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management
Chandler Dean
LL.M. Associate
Phone: 254.710.3858
MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.3611
Karen Ehgotz
Faculty Office Manager
Phone: 254.710.3691
Terri Kroll
Assistant Faculty and Law Review Office Manager
Phone: 254.710.3692

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.4723
Rick Sowell
Information Technology Director
Phone: 254.710.4723
Ricky Lovecky
Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
Phone: 254.710.2011
Chris Griesemer
Senior Information Technology Associate
Phone: 254.710.4596

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.3611
Prof. Jeremy Counseller
Professor of Law
Phone: 254.710.7253

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.2168
Prof. Brandon Quarles
Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law
Phone: 254.710.4916
Lela Lam
Circulation/Reserve Specialist
Phone: 254.710.4184
Tabitha Patterson
Cataloging and Metadata Librarian
Phone: 254.710.4914
Laura Morrell
Serials Specialist
Phone: 254.710.4912
Janet Texeira
Library Specialist-Acquisitions
Phone: 254.710.4915

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.4244
Joshua G. Borderud
Director of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs
Jill Speegle
Legal Assistant for the Legal Clinics
MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.3611
Prof. Matt Cordon
Director of Legal Writing
Phone: 254.710.2173

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.3611
Prof. James E. Wren
Leon Jaworski Chair of Practice & Procedure and Co-Director of the Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management
Phone: 254.710.3611
Austin Dam
Practice Court Associate
Phone: 254.710.4038

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.1911
Jerri Cunningham
Director of Academic Services & Registrar
Phone: 254.710.4115
Suzy Daniel
Department Business Manager 
Phone: 254.710.2529

MAIN NUMBER - 254.710.3611
Stephen Rispoli
Assistant Dean
Phone: 254.710.3927