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Professor Matt Cordon / Eastland Lakes Challenge Course, Waco, TX
Maintaining a steady hand, the skilled belayer knows exactly when to apply tension and when to let it out. With dedicated professors anchoring the law school experience, aspiring lawyers come away with the skills, support, and confidence to reach new heights. As seasoned practitioners, coaches, and mentors, Baylor Law professors set the bar incredibly high—for their students—and for themselves.
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Winners Announced for The Closer, Baylor Law's Elite National Transactional Law Competition Jan. 19, 2021 On Sunday, January 17th, Floy Gaidarski, of SMU Dedman School of Law, and Preston Chaffee, of University of San Diego School of Law, were named the winners of the 2021 The Closer Competition, the most challenging transactional law competition in the country. Runners up for this year's competition were Madalyn Clary of Indiana University Maurer School of Law, and Jacob Landsberg of University of Oregon School of Law. A Conversation With the Godfather Jan. 14, 2021 Dean Brad Toben and Professor David Guinn discuss Professor Guinn's 50 years of teaching Constitutional Law, highlighting landmark United States Supreme Court decisions that have impacted our society and the practice of law. Celebrating 100 Years of Practice Court Jan. 13, 2021 Since its inception over a century ago, the bedrock of Baylor Law’s Practice Court Program has been a commitment to preparing Baylor Lawyers for excellence in the practice of advocacy, precise knowledge of evidence and procedure, and the highest degree of professional conduct. This is our story. The Fifth Annual The Closer Transactional Law Competition: A Unique Experience for Law School Students to Compete to Close the Deal Jan. 8, 2021 The fifth annual The Closer transactional law competition will see students from the nation’s top transactional law programs vying for a total of $10,000 in cash prizes and bragging rights as a top closer.

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