First Year Juris Doctor Courses

The scheduled first-year course of study, as provided at the time of enrollment, is not subject to variation except by express permission of the Associate Dean or Assistant Dean, which will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances.

Second and Third Year Juris Doctor Courses

A student not on academic probation may drop any course, as long as it is not a limited enrollment course, during the first nine weeks of the quarter. Limited enrollment courses may not be dropped after the Friday immediately preceding the first day of class for the quarter. When dropping a class before and during the first week of the term, the course will not show on the student's transcript.  After the first week of class, a "W" will be noted on the student's transcript unless the student is failing at the time the course is dropped, in which case an "DF" will be noted. No student will be allowed to drop any course after the end of the last class week for the quarter:

1.         unusual circumstances,

2.         certification of the instructor that the student is not failing the course, and

3.         permission of the Associate Dean or Senior Assistant Dean.

To drop a course after the first week of the quarter, a student must complete a course drop request form which can be obtained from the Registrar. The course drop form must be signed by the instructor. Failure to officially drop a course will result in a grade of "F."  Juris Doctor students can drop classes that are not limited enrollment electives in BearWeb through the Friday of the first week of class. 

Refund rates for dropping a class or classes is available on the Student Financial Services webpage.

LL.M. Courses

LL.M. students must consult with the Program Director (Prof. Fraley or Prof. Wren) about dropping a class.