The Law Center

Baylor Law will adhere to the guidelines established by Baylor University and those issued by federal, state, and local officials. The Law Center will be open on a limited basis in the Fall and Winter quarters.

Student Access

Students will not be able to access the Law Center on their non-cohort days (their ID wills be disabled). If a student has special circumstances that require him/her to access the building, that student should contact Meredith Meyer at, copying Dean Leah Teague at, with an explanation of the circumstances. If approved, it may take several days for the ID card to be updated for use in accessing the Law Center. If more immediate access is necessary, such as an appointment with a faculty or staff member, arrange for access ahead of time or call the appropriate phone number posted on the exterior doors in the courtyard to request assistance.

The Law Center will only be open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will be closed on weekends. Card swipe access for students will not be available at any other time.

Visitor Information

Non-students who are interested in entering the Law Center should connect with the following staff:

  1. Clinics (Veterans, Wills, & Estate Planning):
    Visitors to Baylor Law’s clinics will be required to follow Clinic Guidelines. For more information about Baylor Law’s clinics or to set up an appointment, visitors should call (254) 710-4244 or email

  2. Immigration Clinic:
    At this time, no Immigration Clinics are scheduled.

  3. Admissions / Campus Visits:
    The Admissions Office is primarily hosting virtual visits. To learn about those visits and limited on-campus options, prospective visitors should visit

Law Library

Fall Quarter library hours will be Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Law Library will be closed Saturday and Sunday with no student or visitor access.

Study rooms are closed until further notice, and locker checkout will not be available. Carrels will not be reserved for Practice Court students.

Reference and research assistance is still available but will be conducted virtually and by appointment only. To schedule research assistance, students should contact Reference Librarian Chris Galeczka at

Law Reserve books (books with yellow stickers on the spine) cannot be checked out until further notice.

Students may use the Law Library to take online classes on assigned Cohort Days. Earbuds/headsets are required for students taking online classes. If called upon during an online class, a student may respond – even if there are others nearby also are participating in online classes or studying.

No food or drink is allowed in the library.

Student Lounge / Law School Café

Social distancing (six feet) must be maintained at all times in the Student Lounge / Law School Café. Seating and tables that are available for use are clearly marked, and students should not use any location that is marked “do not sit” or “do not use.”

The SBA-provided coffee is still available for student access. Students should wipe down any surfaces with disinfecting wipes before and after using the coffee machine.

Access to the microwaves and refrigerators in the Student Lounge is permitted at this time; however, students should wipe down, with disinfecting wipes, all handles, keypads, etc. before and after use.

Pre-packaged and ready-to-eat foods will be available for purchase at the Law School Café, Monday through Friday from 8am – 2pm. The traditional cafeteria options and à-la-carte menu items will not be available.


Social distancing (six feet) must be maintained at all times in the Law Center, including in the hallways.

All furniture in the Law Center hallways has been placed to comply with social distancing requirements and should not be moved.

Water Fountains / Bottle Fillers

All drinking fountains / water fountains are to be used for bottle filling only. There is a new bottle filler next to the entrance to the Law School Café in the Student Lounge. Another bottle filler is located near the Law Review Offices on the third floor of the Law Library.

Locker Rooms

Lockers and locker room access will be unavailable during the Fall and Winter quarters. Students should enter the locker rooms only to retrieve items from the printers and should not congregate or study in those rooms. Note: Some printers have been moved out of the locker rooms into the hallway to distance them from one another.

Returning students who need to remove items from a previously assigned locker should contact Meredith Meyer at


Social distancing (six feet) must be maintained at all times in the Law Center, including in the restrooms. Tape will be placed on the floors to help with spacing. The need for social distancing may require that some students wait outside of the restrooms during peak usage times.

Cleaning & Sanitation Information

Members of the janitorial staff will disinfect commonly touched areas in the Law Center throughout the day. All classrooms, restrooms, the Law Library, and other public locations will be thoroughly disinfected every night.

Students are reminded to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day, and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the Law Center.

Sanitizing wipes are placed in each classroom for faculty and students to use to wipe seats and desk areas before and after each use.

Members of the Baylor Law community are reminded to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day, and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the Law Center.