Classes & Classroom Setup

Baylor Law will begin the Fall 2020 Quarter on Monday, August 24, using a hybrid on-campus/virtual learning model, with as few fully online classes as possible.

Hybrid/Online Model with as few fully online classes as possible

The Fall course schedule indicates if the class meets face-to-face (F2F), hybrid (HYB), or online synchronous (ONL-SYN). Most classes will be conducted using a hybrid model. This means some students will be physically present at the Law Center in the classroom participating in classes while other students will join classes through an online platform selected by the professor (i.e., Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams). Our goal is to have as few classes as possible that are fully online (i.e., with the faculty and students only participating online each class session). Online-synchronous means all students will participate in the class at the assigned class time through an online platform selected by the professor (i.e., Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams). An occasional in-person class is a possibility for some of those online courses. Baylor Law recommends that students have earbuds/headsets available should an in-person class need to move online unexpectedly.

Students received their cohort assignment via email from Dean Teague. Cohort assignments can also be viewed on pages 4 and 5 of the Baylor Law Return to Campus Reopening document (Baylor login required).

Individual classes will be notified if a different schedule applies.

Baylor Law I.T. has incorporated a series of microphones into physical classrooms to enhance the ability of students attending virtually to hear and interact with fellow students who are in the classroom.

Students will not be able to access the Law Center on their non-cohort days (their key cards will not be activated on those days). Students with COVID-related health issues who have been allowed to take your classes fully online will not have access to the Law Center.

If you have special circumstances that require you to access the building, please contact Meredith Meyer at, copying Dean Leah Teague, at with an explanation of the circumstances. If approved, it may take several days for your ID card to be updated for use in accessing the Law Center. If you have a need to access the building during normal business hours on the day of the request, please email and we will do our best to arrange for a staff member to meet you at the door to let you in. There also are signs on the door to call if you have a need to enter the building for an appointment with a faculty or staff member on a day when you do not otherwise have access.

Should a Covid-19 related circumstance arise, students can visit with Dean Teague about a change is status, such as switching from hybrid to fully online attendance. Contact Associate Dean Leah Teague (254-855-6545) and copy Registrar, Jerri Cunningham (254-749-9087)

Access to the Building

The exterior doors to the building will continue to be locked until further notice. Visitors are asked to schedule appointment with anyone in the building and upon arrival call one of the numbers posted on the signs on the doors in the courtyards. Students will be given access to the building (using their ID cards) on the days they are scheduled to be in class in person as described above. If students need to meet with staff or faculty on a day they are not scheduled to be in the building, they will need to contact the staff or faculty assistants ahead of time. Most faculty office hours and visits will be conducted virtually.

Classroom Use / Accessing Classrooms

Each classroom has been clearly marked with one single point of entry and another, separate, single point of egress. Generally, students will enter a classroom through the left door from the hallway. The other door will be locked to prevent entry through the exit door. In order to maintain social distancing requirements, seats available for students to use have been clearly marked. Students should not use any chair/desk that is not labeled for use.

Faculty will be required to remain in clearly marked areas within each classroom as well. Plexiglass is being installed in classrooms as an extra measure. They faculty will wear mask while teaching but they are not required to stay behind the plexiglass while teaching. As students are asking questions before or after class, faculty and students are asked to keep the plexiglass barrier between them while conversing.

All faculty and students are required to wear masks at all times while in classrooms and all common spaces.


Beginning in the Summer Quarter, 2020, Baylor Law returned to its traditional grading scale, and classes are no longer offered with a pass/fail option.

Attendance Requirements During Reopening

Under normal circumstances, Baylor Law has a strict in-person attendance policy. During this time of COVID-19, Baylor Law is loosening in-person attendance requirements by allowing students with COVID-19 related issues to participate in classes through an online modality. For students who are scheduled to attend classes in person, you should do a self-assessment each morning before entering the building. Do not enter the Law Center if you experience any of COVID-like symptoms. (See “Symptoms / Illness” section, below). If you have any of those symptoms do not attend class in person; instead, email your professor to indicate you have a concern and will participate online that day and each other day you have symptoms or need to quarantine yourself. If you learn that you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-like symptoms or who is asymptomatic but has tested positive, follow the recommended protocols which may include self-quarantine. In that case, notify your professors that you will be participating in class online.

When not able to attend in person, online participation is still required and will count as attendance for purposes of the attendance policy. For extended absences due to COVID-19 or any other reason, a student should contact Dean Teague for information about next steps.

A student who may need to switch to online only attendance should contact Associate Dean Leah Teague (254-855-6545 or and copy Registrar, Jerri Cunningham (254-749-9087 or to discuss.

Additional Study Spaces / Internet Access

Baylor University has added additional temporary tent spaces across the Baylor University campus, including in the parking lot of the Law Center. These temporary tents have electricity, air conditioning, and access to AirBear.

Masks must be worn in the outdoor tents and social distancing will be enforced.

The primary goal of the Tent Number 1 is to offer a location with stable, high-speed internet for students to use to take online classes if they have in-person classes before or after their online classes and will not have time to return home or travel to the Law Center. The library can also be used for such persons on days students have access to the building. We believe the number of individual study spaces in Tent Number 1 will be approximately 59. The tents are not designed to be used for group study or socialization. If a student is using the tent as a study location on his/her non-cohort day, the student will not be able to access the building for restrooms or printers unless it is a day that the students ID is activated for access to the building as outlined above. Priority of space will be given to students using the tent to take online classes.

Earbuds/headsets are required for students taking online classes. If called upon during an online class, students may respond – even if there are others nearby who are also participating in online classes or studying. A second tent has also been provided by Baylor University and is for the exclusive use of the Practice Court program. Tent Number 2 is not to be used by other students.

Study Groups

Baylor Law encourages as few face-to-face meetings as possible, including personal study groups. All Baylor Law students have access to Baylor University’s Zoom and Microsoft Teams accounts for online meetings/virtual study groups. Students should contact Baylor Law I.T. for additional information.


It is not known at this time if final exams will be administered in-person, online, or in some combination for the Fall quarter. Students should anticipate and prepare for in-person final exams at the Law School, with the understanding that it is possible exams will be online, and the decision will be made by faculty and administration based on faculty preference and current conditions leading up to the final exam period.