Emergency and Closure Information

Safety, Security, and Emergencies at Baylor Law

Emergencies are unlikely but can, and do, happen without warning. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Baylor Law Emergency Action Plan. This easy to read 2-page document covers potential emergency situations like fire, severe weather, flood, and extreme situations such as an active shooter scenario.

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Emergency Preparedness:
  • All Baylor Law students should register for Baylor Alert!:

Emergency Notifications / Baylor Alert!

  • Baylor Law Emergency Information Documents

Active Shooter Information

Building Emergency Coordinators

CPR / AED - Health Emergencies

Evacuation Information

Student Emergency Resources

Severe Weather Information

In Case of Emergency:
IF Instructed to SEEK SHELTER
  • Seek shelter immediately – in a Severe Weather Shelter Area - when signaled by Baylor Alert! message, or when instructed to do so by Building Emergency Coordinators.
    • Severe Weather Shelter Areas
      • Classroom wing: restrooms, locker room, staircase 1 (Adjacent to rooms 127 and 236)
      • Library: Restrooms, photocopier room, staircases 3 or 5
  • Do not use elevators, and stay away from all windows, doors, and outside walls.
IF Instructed to EVACUATE
  • Leave the Law Center immediately when signaled by a fire alarm, Baylor Alert! message, or when instructed to do so by first responders or Building Emergency Coordinators.
    • Do not take noncritical items while evacuating
    • Use only stairs and avoid elevators
    • Move to Evacuation Assembly Point: the walkway near the Mayborn Museum (east of the Baylor Law Parking Lot).
    • Call 254-710-2222 if anyone needs additional assistance
    • Do not re-enter until the “all clear” is provided by a Building Emergency Coordinator
  • If you are inside, stay where you are. 
  • Shut and lock all windows, exterior, and interior doors.
  • If possible, turn off air conditioners, heaters, and fans (in the event of a chemical release).
  • Turn on a radio, TV or @BaylorAlert on Twitter for further instructions.
Medical Emergencies:
  • Dial 911 and/or Baylor Police x2222
  • AED’s (automatic external defibrillators) are located throughout the Law Center and are marked with plastic AED markers to aid in quickly locating them.
    • 1st Floor – In Library, behind the counter
    • 1st Floor – In classroom wing near the elevator
    • 2nd Floor – Across from Room 234
    • 2nd Floor – Library by stairwell near study carrels
    • 3rd Floor – Near office 314D
    • 3rd Floor – Near 302B
  • A Stop the Bleed Kit with tourniquets and other devices to control bleeding is located in the first-floor Student Lounge, 180º from the entrance to the Law School Café.
  • If a student organization would like to arrange a CPR training for law students, please talk to Dean Rispoli.

Inclement Weather Policy:
  • In the case of inclement weather, Baylor Law will follow the same opening/closing schedule as the main Baylor University campus.
  • If classes or exams are canceled or delayed, the local media outlets will be contacted by 7:00 a.m., and they will announce the closing or delay.
  • We will attempt to post the closing/delay our web page and to notify all students by email and social media as soon as possible.
  • If classes are not cancelled, but a particular professor needs to cancel a class, we will attempt to notify students by email.
  • If classes are not cancelled, students are expected to use good judgment to determine if they can safely drive to Baylor Law. We care about the safety of our students and we expect each student to make a prudent decision about attendance in inclement weather.
Reporting a Crime:
  • Baylor University encourages everyone on campus - including students at Baylor Law - to immediately report crimes and other emergencies to the University Police by calling (254) 710-2222 (x2222 from any campus phone).
Non-Emergency Situations:
  • Baylor University Police can be reached in non-emergency situations at by calling (254) 710-2221 (x2221 from any campus phone).
Substance Abuse Help:

Mental Health Assistance:

Active Shooter Awareness:

Baylor Law students should familiarize themselves with Baylor University's Active Shooter Training: https://www.baylor.edu/dps/index.php?id=973171