Commercial Law

Commercial law, as opposed to what we think of as business law - law related to the organizational characteristics of a business operation (what is it), focuses on the practical problems that confront any business in its pursuit of the purposes for which it is established (how we do it) - whether that is selling appliances or the latest iThing, or dry cleaning suits or repairing air conditioners. Of course, Target and Amazon confront the same problems, but there are more small businesses selling and servicing our needs than there are Targets and Amazons.  The Commercial Law Track prepares students once in practice to identify the problems inherent in the conduct of commercial life as we know it and to develop the legal strategies necessary to prevent or confront those problems.

Required Courses

Sales Transactions:  Domestic & International Law (3hrs) 9308

Commercial Law:  Secured Transactions (3hrs) 9342

E-Commerce (3hrs) 9310

Bankruptcy (2hrs) 9295 or Creditors' Remedies (3hrs) 9384


Commercial Law Electives (at least 6 hours from this group)

Antitrust (3hrs) 9363

Arbitration (2hrs) 9257

Bankruptcy (2hrs) 9295

Commercial Law:  Negotiable Instruments (3hrs) 9340

Construction Law (2hrs) 9214

Creditors' Remedies (3hrs) 9384

Consumer Protection (3hrs) 9349

Contract Drafting and Negotiation (3hrs) 9316

Franchising (2hrs) 9276

Real Estate Finance (3hrs) 9338


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