The Ultimate Writer Competition

graphic that resembles a trophy announcing the Ultimate Writer competition

The Legal Writing Program at Baylor Law is proud to host its annual legal writing competition. The format and the prize pool distinguish this competition from any comparable legal writing competition.

Baylor Law's The Ultimate Writer
features a $10,000 prize pool!

The Ultimate Writer Competition tests competitors' abilities to review a packet of materials and draft a real-world legal document based on the packet and writing prompt. This competition will provide a rewarding opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills in a practical legal setting.

Lisa and Charlie Frazier (’86) of Alexander Dubose Jefferson LLP graciously underwrite the Ultimate Writer through their Endowed Fund for Excellence in Writing at Baylor Law.  The appellate law firm of Kelly, Durham, and Pittard, LLP also supports the Ultimate Writer competition. 

1st Place: $8,000 Cash Prize

2nd Place: $1,500 Cash Prize

3rd Place: $500 Cash Prize


2022 Ultimate Writer Winner Information


Charles and Lisa Endowed Fund for Excellence in Writing at Baylor Law

Charlie and Lisa Frazier believe in the power of the written word to communicate ideas, express trust, and influence society.  The evolution of technology benefits many aspects of our culture creating both challenges and opportunities regarding the impact and importance of the written word. In support of Baylor Law’s reputation as a practical, practice ready law school, the Charles and Lisa Endowed Fund for Excellence in Writing at Baylor Law is created to support the enhanced and intentional efforts to teach, mentor, and develop distinctive and quality legal writing.  In addition, it is Charlie and Lisa’s purpose to elevate and engrain in students a desire to hone writing skills.