Degree Programs

Juris Doctor
The curriculum of Baylor Law's Juris Doctor program is structured to provide a logical progression of legal study from fundamental legal doctrines in first-year courses to increasingly more sophisticated and complex issues in second and third year courses. You will find that the broad exposure to legal fundamentals and the well rounded education and training of our curriculum teaches you to be an outstanding lawyer, one who is prepared to pass the bar exam and sought after by legal employers.

Joint Degree Programs
One of the advantages of studying at a great university is the opportunity to pursue multiple degrees at the same time in a manner that is efficient and cost effective.

Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management
The Baylor Law LL.M. is far ahead of other programs. While some programs include a focus on litigation, no program is centered exclusively on litigation management and the emerging trends driven by technology and e-discovery—and no program is offered online. And unlike most LL.M. programs targeting graduates fresh out of law school, the Baylor Law LL.M. is designed for career-driven, working attorneys with a minimum of three years in practice.