Share Your Thoughts

If you have a comment or concern about anything in the Law School's academic program, activities, services, or the like, we want to know! You can confidentially share your thoughts here and know they will be taken to the Student Relations Committee. No identifying information will be passed on or kept in the system, so you can comment with complete confidence of anonymity.

The committee meets on an as-needed basis, generally once per quarter. A record of the shared concerns and the status of each will be kept on this page. Dissatisfaction with the resolution of any of the matters listed should be directed to Associate Dean Leah Jackson Teague or Stephen Rispoli.

Report on Action Items

Student Relations Committee 

The Student Relations Committee is a combination of administration, faculty, and students who meet to discuss and address the concerns of the student body. You can express your concerns to the committee by:

1. Completing this anonymous form.
2. Sharing your thoughts at an SBA-hosted Town Hall Meeting.
3. Telling one of the committee members. (Listed below)

Professor Wilson (Chair)
Angela Cruseturner
Professor Hernandez
Stephen Rispoli
Professor Rogers
Rick Sowell
Associate Dean Leah Jackson Teague
Professor Underwood
Greg White

The SBA class presidents and a representative from the Baylor Law Review also rotate onto the committee and are available to receive comments.