Share Your Thoughts

If you have a comment or concern about anything in the Law School's academic program, activities, services, or the like, we want to know! All comments and concerns that are applicable to a large segment of the student body will be addressed individually with the student(s) raising an issue or at the quarterly Student Relations Committee (“SRC”) Meetings. Comments and concerns that are only applicable to individuals – whether students, faculty, or staff member – will be handled on an individual basis and are not shared with the larger group.

At Baylor Law school, we have a variety of ways that you can relate your comments and concerns to the faculty and administration. As primary points of contact, you may share your thoughts with Associate Dean Patricia Wilson, Senior Assistant Dean Angela Cruseturner, or Assistant Dean Stephen Rispoli. You are also welcomed to share your thoughts with a faculty or staff member with whom you feel comfortable. Please know that we are concerned with the substance of concerns, not the identity of the person raising issues.

The Student Bar Association (“SBA”) acts as another primary collection point for many comments and concerns. The SBA has a Student Relations Member, Lily Gilliland, to whom you may submit your comments and concerns. The Student Relations Member keeps comments and concerns anonymous when relaying the information to faculty and administration.

The SBA also hosts Town Halls for 1L, 2L, and 3L classes periodically during the quarter. At these meetings, students can share their comments and concerns with SBA members to be raised at the next SRC Meeting. The Student Relations Member collects all the comments and concerns and passes them to Asst. Dean Stephen Rispoli in advance of the meeting.

The SRC meets on an as-needed basis, generally once per quarter. At the SRC Meeting, the committee members address the comments and concerns collected from all sources and give reports on any past agenda items for which there is an update. The committee members on the faculty and staff take necessary steps to address issues that need further action. A record of the shared concerns and the status of each is kept on this page: Report on Action Items.

After the SRC Meeting, the SBA holds “reverse Town Halls” to relay the information shared in the SRC Meeting back to the students. The SBA may also follow up with individual students to address individual concerns or to direct the student to a faculty or staff member to address a particular issue.

Dissatisfaction with the resolution of any of the matters listed should be directed to Associate Dean Patricia Wilson. If a student is dissatisfied after visiting with Dean Wilson, the student can raise the issue with Dean Brad Toben.

Student Relations Committee:

The Student Relations Committee is a combination of administration, faculty, and students who meet to discuss and address the concerns of the student body. As noted above, the SRC addresses student concerns based on reports made to student organization representatives, directly with a Baylor Law faculty or staff member, anonymous reports, etc., and observations from the representatives themselves. This committee also addresses student health and wellness matters and reviews and coordinates student fundraising activities.

You can express your concerns to the committee by:

1.       Completing this anonymous form;
2.      Sharing your thoughts at an SBA-hosted Town Hall Meeting; or
3.      Sharing your thoughts directly with one of the committee members. Here is a list of the current committee members:

Lee Ann James (Chair)
Kristine Bridges
Angela Cruseturner
Chris Jaeger
Stephen Rispoli
Katherine Sims
Rick Sowell
Greg White
Patricia Wilson

The SBA class presidents and a representative from the Baylor Law Review also rotate onto the committee and are available to receive comments.

Anonymous Comment Submission Form:
You can confidentially share your thoughts here and know they will be taken to the Student Relations Committee. No identifying information will be passed on or kept in the system, so you can comment with complete confidence of anonymity.