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Dispelling the Myth

When completing the application for admission to the bar, you do not need to report diagnoses of, or treatment for, mental health conditions, substance abuse, or addiction. In fact, the Texas Board of Law Examiners encourages applicants to seek appropriate help for any mental health challenges. The Board even assists applicants by working with the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program when appropriate. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Stephen Rispoli.


You are highly encouraged to reach out to the Baylor Counseling Center and the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program (“TLAP”) if you need help.

The Baylor Counseling Center keeps all records confidential – they do not become part of your academic or administrative records. Visit the Counseling Center’s webpage for more information.

TLAP is strictly confidential – they are prohibited by statute from disclosing any information to any source without your prior written approval. (See Section 467.007 of the Texas Health and Safety Code for more information. For the purposes of this statute, TLAP is a “peer assistance program”.) This includes the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Board of Law Examiners, the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel (CDC), or any other disciplinary agency or entity.

Baylor Telehealth by Academic Live Care

Baylor Telehealth by Academic Live Care

Any Student, Anywhere, Anytime

In addition to the robust medical and counseling services offered through the Baylor Health Center and Counseling Center on Baylor’s main campus, the University has partnered with Academic Live Care to expand the medical and counseling services available to students.  All Baylor students now have access to the following FREE services:

  • 24/7/365 Unlimited In-the-Moment Mental Health Clinical Support Line
    • Also available to students who are abroad
  • Unlimited Telehealth Visits
    • Virtual Urgent Care (Physical Health)
    • Psychiatry
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Women’s Specialized Care and Wellbeing
    • Mental Health Counseling
    • Telehealth Visits are available evenings, weekends, and when the University is closed
  • Unlimited Face-to Face Visits for Mental Health Counseling through referral to local providers who are within Academic Live Care network.

    Academic Live Care offers flexibility in appointment times as well as access to providers based on preferences such as gender, cultural and ethnic background, language spoken, and specialties.
How to Access Baylor Telehealth by Academic Live Care:

For immediate mental health support and or to schedule a counseling appointment, call 833-969-3998. 

To access the Academic Live Care website: CLICK HERE

ALC Telehealth User Guide

For medical services including virtual urgent care or to make a psychiatry or nutritional services appointment, go to and select the desired service.

Baylor Counseling Center

As a Baylor student, you have access to the Counseling Center's services.

The Counseling Services strives to facilitate the educational experience and total development of students by enhancing mental health and well-being.

The Counseling Center provides:
• Individual, couples, and group counseling
• Crisis intervention for students experiencing a psychological crisis or emergency
• Psychiatric services are available through the Baylor Health Center, although a fee may be involved.
• Medical nutrition therapy by a licensed and registered dietitian
• Outreach and prevention programs for students
• Consultation services for faculty, staff, families, and friends of students.

In addition to individual counseling, the Center offers many online resources. Please click here for a more detailed summary of services.

Baylor Health Center

As a Baylor student, you have access to the Baylor Health Center on the main campus in the Student Life Center.

General Medical Care: Students have access to the Health Center for diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries. You can expect the same type of care that you would receive from your family doctor.

Psychiatry Services: Students have access to a Psychiatrist and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for diagnosis and treatment of mental health illnesses.

(Please note we do not provide counseling services within the Health Center. For the Counseling Center call 254-710-2467 or click here)

Support/Comfort Animals:  The only animals allowed in the Health Center are service animals that are required because of a medical disability.  Comfort animals are not included and will not be allowed in patient treatment areas.  Letters for support/comfort animals are not available through the Health Center.

Lab Services: The Health Center uses Clinical Pathology Lab (CPL) for laboratory services. Please ensure that they are in network with your insurance. CPL bills insurance and patients directly.

Appointments: You may make an appointment Monday thru Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM by calling 710-1010 or by logging onto the Health Portal after 5 PM for urgent care web appointments for the next day. Summer hours are modified, so call to confirm availability. You must present an ID Card at check in.

Transportation: Students must acquire their own transportation to the medical clinic by personal vehicle. Students requiring ambulance service to a local hospital are responsible for the expense. The Health Center staff can arrange for this service. Health Center physicians do not make house calls.

Referrals: Students are referred to community professionals or facilities for services unavailable at the Health Center. Students are responsible for any charges incurred. Such referrals would include, but are not limited to:

  • Specialist consultation
  • Tests
  • X-ray
  • Some Laboratory
  • Emergency/acute patient care
  • Dental care

    For more information, click here.
Baylor Care Team Services

When a student exhibits behaviors of concern and could potentially be a risk to self and others, the Case Manager for Student Life and others on the Baylor Care Team coordinates a proactive effort to prevent and/or manage the situation. Click here to submit a report to the Baylor Care Team.

Baylor FitWell

Fitness and Nutrition within the Wellness Department is dedicated to providing programs and services in support of physically healthy lifestyles through group exercise classes, personal training, nutritional consults and services, and special events.

For more information, click here.

Student Health and Wellness

Student Health and Wellness is comprised of five departments:  Campus Recreation, Care Team Services, Counseling Services, Health Services, and Wellness.  Student Health and Wellness provides a continuum of programs and services designed to meet the physical and emotional wellness needs of both undergraduate and graduate students by focusing on the following areas:

  • Health Education Outreach & Prevention
  • Health Enhancing Activities/Self-Care
  • Building Community and Student Support
  • Direct Healthcare Services
  • Healthcare Crisis Management

Student Health and Wellness offers several programs for Baylor Law students. Click here for more information.

ABA Resources

Mental Health Initiative

2017 Well-Being Tool Kit for the Legal Profession

2020 Substance Use and Mental Health Toolkit for Law School Students and Those Who Care About Them

Mental Health Screening

Physical Health

It is important for you to take care of your health while in law school. Learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while a student will be key for managing stress now and in the future.

Please click here for a list of local gym options. 

Private Counseling Services

Some private counselors familiar with the unique pressures of law school are available here. Please contact Professor Teague or Stephen Rispoli for additional information.

TLAP Support for Law Students

The workload of law school can cause a great amount of stress for students. Are you, or do you know of a friend or associate who may be suffering from depression? The Texas Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP) offers services to help you during this challenging time. To learn more about TLAP, click here for a short video.

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