Estate Planning Special Distinction

Estate Planning Special Distinction Required Courses:

Administration of Estates (2hrs) 9235

Administration of Estates Capstone (1hr) 9132

Estate Planning (3hrs) 9336

Taxation of Individuals & Family Businesses (3hrs) 9345

Wealth Transfers (3hrs) 9332

Wealth Transfers Capstone (1hr) 9142


Estate Planning Special Distinction Electives (take at least 7 additional hours from this group of courses):

Client Counseling (2hrs) 9227

Contract Drafting and Negotiation (3hrs) 9316

Elder Law (2hrs) 9248

Nonprofit Organization (2hrs) 9211

Retirement Law (2hrs) 9272

Taxation of Business Entities (3hrs) 9346


A GPA of 3.3 in all track courses * (including additional hours as required above) will be required for a student to receive the Special Distinction designation.
*If a student has taken more than the minimum number of hours of track courses and a grade in a course that is not required for receipt of the Special Distinction would result in the GPA being below the requirement, that grade need not be included in the GPA calculation.  If a grade in a track course that is required for receipt of the Special Distinction causes the GPA to be below the requirement, grades in track courses beyond the number of hours required for the Special Distinction may be included in order to raise the GPA in the track courses. 


A student who meets the above requirements for a Special Distinction shall receive that designation only if the faculty determines that the student has made meaningful contributions to the Law School program and that the student is worthy of such distinction in accordance with the traditions, expectations and mission of Baylor Law.


Contact Professor Featherston for additional information.