Personal Injury Litigation

Personal injury litigation continues to be a mainstay of active trial dockets. Of all the various categories of civil litigation court cases filed, personal injury and wrongful death cases constitute one of the categories most likely to be tried to a jury, and it is one of the categories most likely to be encountered by individual clients. Students interested in the personal injury field of practice may want to consider combining this professional track with General Civil Litigation, with Family Law Practice, or with Criminal Law Practice, depending on the direction of future practice plans. The Personal Injury Litigation Professional Track qualifies as a foundation track for the Special Distinction in Litigation.


Personal Injury Litigation Required Courses (15 hours)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (2hrs) 9247

Client Counseling (2hrs) 9227

Federal Courts (3hrs) 9323

Healthcare Litigation (2hrs) 9277

Insurance Law (3hrs) 9341

Personal Injury Trial Law (1hr) 9174

Products Liability (2hrs) 9258


Personal Injury Litigation Electives (at least 2 hours from the following courses)

Advanced Discovery Managment (3hrs) 9353

Trial Advocacy: Beginning Advocacy Skills (2hrs) 9220

Trial Advocacy: Advanced Trial Preparation (2hrs) 9263


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