Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property litigation is one of the most active trial specialties in the nation, and especially so in Texas. Students with a strong science or engineering background are particularly encouraged to consider this field. For students who plan to ultimately pursue a specialization in intellectual property specifically, this professional track can be combined with the Intellectual Property transactional professional track. For students who desire to pursue a broader practice in civil litigation but anticipate that intellectual property litigation will be part of that practice, combining Intellectual Property Litigation with either the General Civil Litigation or Business Litigation tracks may be a very good choice. The Intellectual Property Litigation Professional Track qualifies as a foundation track for the Special Distinction in Litigation.


Intellectual Property Litigation Required Courses (12 Hours)

Federal Courts (3hrs) 9323

Intellectual Property (2hrs) 9264

Intellectual Property Litigation (1hr) 9125 or Patent Litigation Capstone (1hr) 9119

Patent Law (2hrs) 9223

Patent Practice & Disputes (2hrs) 9260

Trademark Practice & Disputes (2hrs) 9262


Intellectual Property Litigation Electives (at least five hours from this group)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (2hrs) 9247

Client Counseling (2hrs) 9227

Contract Drafting and Negotiation (3hrs) 9316

Copyright Law (3hrs) 9371

E-Commerce (3hrs) 9310

Entertainment Law (2hrs) 9230

Franchising (2hrs) 9276

Trial Advocacy: Advanced Discovery Management (3hrs) 9353

Trial Advocacy: Advanced Trial Preparation (2hrs) 9263

Trial Advocacy: Beginning Advocacy Skills (2hrs) 9220


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