General Civil Litigation

All trial lawyers must be masters of procedure, the complex body of rules that so often determine the outcome of disputes. The General Civil Litigation Professional Track provides students interested in litigation, whether as general civil practitioners or as lawyers specializing in a particular type of litigation, with a solid foundation in the procedural law necessary for any type of litigation practice. In addition to litigation-oriented courses required of all students—Civil Procedure, Remedies, and Practice Court (which immerses students into evidence and procedure)—students concentrating in General Civil Litigation complete a variety of advanced procedural courses, including a study of alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration. Given that most civil trial lawyers specialize in a particular type of litigation, students choosing General Civil Litigation have the flexibility to shape their track of study to reflect their particular interest. Students interested more specifically in business litigation, such as actions involving corporate officer and director liability, employment discrimination, securities litigation, or antitrust litigation, can complete the Business Litigation professional track, separately or in combination with the General Civil Litigation Track. Students interested in fiduciary and probate litigation are encouraged to consider adding the Fiduciary Litigation professional track; students interested in personal injury litigation may choose to add the Personal Injury Litigation track; and students interested in litigating in the intellectual property field may want to consider adding the Intellectual Property Litigation Track. The General Civil Litigation Professional Track qualifies as a foundation track for the Special Distinction in Litigation.


General Civil Litigation Required Courses (18 hours, 12 hours of which must come from this group)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (2hrs) 9247

Business Torts (3hrs) 9386

Client Counseling (2hrs) 9227

Federal Courts (3hrs) 9323

Insurance Law (3hrs) 9341

Trial Advocacy: Advanced Discovery Management (3hrs) 9353 

General Civil Litigation Electives (additional hours may come from this group)

Administration of Estates (2hrs) 9235

Arbitration (2hrs) 9257

Bankruptcy (2hrs) 9295

Business Organizations 2 (3hrs) 9322

Civil Rights Actions (2hrs) 9256

Complex Litigation (3hrs) 9324

Conflict of Laws (3hrs) 9383

Consumer Protection (3hrs) 9349

Contract Drafting and Negotiation (3hrs) 9316

Creditors' Remedies (3hrs) 9384

E-Commerce Law (3hrs) 9310

Employment Discrimination (3hrs) 9362

Family Law (3hrs) 9370

Healthcare Litigation (2hrs) 9277

Personal Injury Trial Law (1hr) 9174

Products Liability (2hrs) 9258

Trial Advocacy: Advanced Trial Preparation (2hrs) 9263

Trial Advocacy: Beginning Advocacy Skills (2hrs) 9220


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