Family Law Practice

Families, in all their varied forms, continue to be the cornerstone of American society. As such, family law generates a large volume of legal work from a wide array of clients who need high-quality representation. The Family Law Practice Professional Track exists to provide the practical foundation for developing a practice in this area of the law. Since dispute resolution and a significant degree of direct professional guidance of clients are often required, both Client Counseling and Alternative Dispute Resolution are required courses. The other required courses focus on the substantive and procedural law specific to a family law practice. The elective courses allow students to further tailor their studies to some of the more specialized topics often encountered in a family law practice. This professional track qualifies as a foundation track for the Special Distinction in Litigation.


Family Law Practice Required Courses (12 hours)

Advanced Family Law (3hrs) 9380

Alternative Dispute Resolution (2hrs) 9247

Client Counseling (2hrs) 9227

Family Law (3hrs) 9370

Family Law Advocacy (2hrs) 9299


Family Law Practice Electives (at least 5 hours from this group)

Elder Law (2hrs) 9248

Immigration Law (3hrs) 9373

Juvenile Justice (2hrs) 9254

Negotiation Settlement and Practice (2hrs) 9290

Taxation of Individuals & Family Businesses (3hrs) 9345

Wealth Transfers (3hrs) 9332


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