Estate Planning

The Estate Planning Professional Track is designed to give students a well-rounded legal education with focused study in the areas of trusts, estates, and estate planning and administration, so students can begin their careers with a fundamental understanding of the major aspects of estate planning and probate procedure. This track builds upon a number of courses required of all students, including Trusts & Estates, Business Organizations 1, and Basic Taxation Principles for Lawyers. Students work under the direct supervision of an experienced estate planner and have the opportunity to devise an estate plan, prepare drafts of documents, and work through the steps of the administration of an estate.


Estate Planning Required Courses:

Administration of Estates (2hrs) 9235

Client Counseling (2hrs) 9227

Estate Planning (3hrs) 9336

Taxation of Business Entities (3hrs) 9346

Wealth Transfers (3hrs) 9336


Estate Planning Electives (at least 2 hours from this group of courses)

Administration of Estates Capstone (1hr) 9142

Business Succession Planning (formerly Family Business Planning) (2hrs) 9293

Elder Law (2hrs) 9248

Nonprofit Organizations (2hrs) 9231

Retirement Law (2hrs) 9272

Taxation & Financial Planning for Individuals (3hrs) 9345

Wealth Transfer Capstone (1hr) 9132


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