Business Litigation

As commercial transactions and business operations become more complex, so do the disputes between the parties. Students interested in a career of litigating business or commercial lawsuits may pursue the Business Litigation Professional Track. This professional track is also beneficial to students interested in managing litigation – or working to avoid litigation – on behalf of a business. Business litigators must work not only to become masters of procedure but also to develop a basic understanding of business and commercial transactions. To complete a professional track in Business Litigation, students take a variety of courses to introduce them to the major substantive and procedural areas likely to be encountered by a practitioner involved in business or commercial litigation. This professional track qualifies as a foundation track for the Special Distinction in Litigation.


Business Litigation Required Courses (complete 18 hours, 12 hours of which must come from this group):

Advanced Discovery Management (3hrs) 9353

Alternative Dispute Resolution (2hrs) 9247

Arbitration (2hrs) 9257

Bankruptcy (2hrs) 9295

Business Torts (3hrs) 9386

Business Organizations 2 (3hrs) 9322

Complex Litigation (3hrs) 9324

Conflict of Laws (3hrs) 9383

Contract Drafting and Negotiation (3hrs) 9316

Federal Courts (3hrs) 9323

Intellectual Property (2hrs) 9264

Insurance Law (3hrs) 9341

White Collar Crime (3hrs) 9351


Business Litigation Electives (additional courses available to meet hours requirement)

Administrative Law: Federal (2hrs) 9268

Administrative Law: Texas (2hrs) 9287

Administration of Estates (2hrs) 9235

Antitrust Law (3hrs) 9363

Business Organizations: Current Topics in Mergers & Acquisitions (2hrs) 9219

Commercial Law: Negotiable Instruments (3hrs) 9340

Commercial Law: Secured Transactions (3hrs) 9342

Consumer Protection (3hrs) 9349

Creditors’ Remedies (3hrs) 9384

Employment Discrimination (3hrs) 9362

Employment Relations (3hrs) 9372

Sales Transactions: Domestic & International Law (3hrs) 9308

Securities Regulation (3hrs) 9344

Trial Advocacy: Beginning Advocacy Skills (2hrs) 9220

Trial Advocacy: Advanced Trial Preparation (2hrs) 9263

Wealth Transfers (3hrs) 9332


Contact Professors Wren, Bates, Miller, or Underwood for additional information.