Transfer Credit

Admissions information for students interested in transferring to Baylor Law or attending as a visiting student is available here.

Baylor Law students who are in good standing are eligible to participate in study abroad programs that are approved by the American Bar Association. Students must receive pre-approval of courses by Associate Dean Wilson prior to attending such a program. The student will need to provide a course description for each course for which they wish to receive credit along with the number of minutes spent in each class. The total number of minutes spent in each class will be used to determine the number of credit hours granted. Transfer work is recorded as pass/fail credit on the Baylor Law transcript.

For students transferring to Baylor Law from another ABA accredited law school, up to thirty semester hours (the equivalent of 45 quarter hours) of transfer credit toward graduation may be allowed at the time of a student's admission to Baylor as a transfer student. Students receive a maximum of 1.5 quarter hours for each 1 semester hour giving transfer students up to 45 quarter hours of credit. Practice Court 1, 2, 3 and Professional Responsibility must be taken at Baylor Law.

For Baylor law students who attend another law school as a visiting student, transfer hours from the other school shall be allowed as part of the maximum pass-fail hours allowed as described in the Student Catalog, subject to prior approval by the Associate Dean. Pass-fail credit will not be granted for course work which is substantially simular to coursework done by the student at Baylor Law. Practice Court 1, 2, 3 and Professional Responsibility must be taken at Baylor Law.

Transfer hours are recorded on a student's transcript on a pass/fail basis.  Grades earned on transfer hours are not included in the calculation of a student's Baylor Law School grade point average.

Students with questions regarding admission as a transfer student should contact the Office of Admissions at 254-710-6872.  Students with questions about studying at another law school as a visiting student can inquire with Jerri Cunningham, Registrar at 254.710.4115, or Associate Dean Wilson at 254-710-6591.