Scholarship Criteria

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GPA Requirement

Your scholarship has a GPA requirement that is stated in your decision letter. Though your scholarship is guaranteed for your first three quarters, you must maintain the required minimum GPA for the six remaining quarters of your scholarship term. Baylor Law does not use class rankings to grant, withhold, or reduce scholarships. Instead, we use an exact GPA, so that you can monitor your progress and evaluate your risk of losing your scholarship. Before you begin your fourth quarter, you must have the required GPA. If you take a break after your first three quarters, third-quarter grades will be used to evaluate scholarship eligibility. If you attend a fourth consecutive quarter, second-quarter grades will be used to determine your scholarship eligibility for that fourth quarter. If you attend a fourth consecutive quarter and do not have the required GPA, you will not have your scholarship assigned for that quarter; however, you will have a chance to regain your scholarship after your third-quarter grades are submitted. Otherwise, any scholarship that is lost after you receive your third-quarter grades is permanently removed.

Donor Appreciation Protocol (for those entering in Spring 2015 and later)

Your scholarship may be funded by an endowed scholarship account established through the generosity of Baylor Law alumni and friends. To show appreciation of these donors, each scholarship recipient will write a note to the specific donor who has funded his/her scholarship. We will provide you with the necessary information and the protocols for fulfilling this obligation. The time required to write a note of thanks is minimal. The impact that your note will have on your donor is substantial, and your note is of course a fitting display of gratefulness for your donor’s investment in your education.

2L and 3L Upper-Level Scholarships (Fall 2014 and later)

Baylor Law awards at least an $8,000 scholarship to each law student who achieves a cumulative 3.6 GPA or higher. This scholarship is awarded on a quarterly basis, as long as (1) the law student maintains the 3.6 GPA, (2) the law student does not already have a scholarship larger than the amount awarded, and (3) the law student abides by the Donor Appreciation Protocol outlined above.