Student Life


Although the curriculum is rigorous, there is much more to the Baylor Law experience than academics. Students who dive in discover programs that broaden their professional and leadership skills, connect them with student organizations, unlock public and community service opportunities, help them navigate their academic journey, support their overall health and wellness, and develop the kind of friendships that blossom through a close-knit, mutually supportive family.


“Everything about Baylor Law fosters a tightly-knit community. In small classes, extracurricular organizations and intramural games, the friendship and support from my classmates have been a defining part of my law school experience.”

—Brian Aslin
Baylor Lawyer, 2016

“Baylor Law is like a family. The students, faculty and staff are all incredibly supportive and understanding. It’s like having 400 people constantly hoping for your success.”

—Tracy Shahan
Baylor Lawyer, 2014