Policy for Presenting Academic Credentials on Résumés

Baylor Law students are encouraged to include GPA or class rank on résumés (unless otherwise instructed by the CDO). Students who include GPA and/or class rank on their résumés must follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. GPA should be listed to the hundredth (e.g. 3.15; not 3.1 or 3.2) as it appears on the student’s transcript.
  2. Whole numbers must be used for class rank (e.g. Top 6%; not Top 5.7%).
  3. The best practice is to list class rank in the following format: ___ out of ____ (e.g. 15 out of 143).
  4. Students must use the class rank (official or approximate) provided by the Registrar. Students using an approximate class rank must clearly identify it as such (e.g. Approximate Class Rank: Top 33%). Students may not use new grades to estimate a class rank.
  5. When listing the high grade in a course, students should use the following phrase: “The High A”.
  6. High grades earned in a course with multiple sections should clearly indicate that there are multiple sections (e.g. Torts, Section 2).