Grading System

We are proud of our students and their commitment to excellent work. When you hire a Baylor Lawyer, we are confident you will be pleased with the results of our rigorous, practice-oriented program.

Good grades at Baylor Law do not come easily. We use a rigorous grading standard, employing an "A" to "F" grading system, while many schools use a more liberal "A" to "C" grading system. Baylor Law faculty regard a "C" as indicating satisfactory work. Therefore, a "C" at Baylor Law is considered a respectable grade.

We know that employers often seek students who rank in the top of their class. As you consider our students for potential employment, please keep in mind:

  • Over 60% of the hours needed to graduate come from required courses. Thus, students have relatively little opportunity to "pad" their GPA.
  • We have a highly competitive admissions process and highly credentialed entering classes.
  • An overwhelming number of Baylor Law students pass the bar exam in Texas and other states on their first try. Baylor Law consistently ranks first in bar passage for the state of Texas.
  • Employers using grade point average as part of their hiring criteria should set standards specifically for Baylor Law students. Because grading policies vary from school to school, imposing the same GPA requirements on candidates from different schools may result in the inadvertent elimination of highly qualified candidates.