The Quarter System

Baylor Law operates on the quarter system, with three entering classes and four full quarters throughout the year. More streamlined and rigorous than the traditional semester approach, the quarter system translates into better-prepared students at graduation through:

More Focused Learning.

With only 9 weeks per quarter, every class counts. Here, professors present substantive material in each session, so there are no peaks and valleys, and no time wasted. Under this system, students can attain their law degree 27 months after they enter law school

Faster Pace.

There is no coasting in a 9-week quarter. Students and professors get to class, get focused, and start working. When class is done, it’s on to the next one. When exams have ended, the new quarter begins the following week. The fast pace more closely resembles the work expected of lawyers in real practice, with real caseloads, in the real world.

Reflection of Reality.

The quarter system is a better reflection of the work life of a legal professional. It acts as a mode of transition from a student's schedule to an attorney's schedule. In legal practice, a young lawyer will have frequent changes in case load and little time off between projects. The quarter system simulates these realities by making terms shorter, having shorter breaks between terms, and scheduling classes between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.