Why Hire Baylor Law

Why Hire Baylor Law

The economic model for law firms has changed.

Training young lawyers takes time and costs money that is increasingly difficult to justify. Firms that typically hired straight out of law school and invested thousands of dollars into making their new hires productive and profitable are looking at efficiencies. As a result, employers are calling law schools to increase the emphasis on practical training.

Ranked by the Princeton Review as “arguably the best training ground for practical lawyering in the nation,” Baylor Law has been ahead of the curve, equipping graduates with the elite combination of professional, hands-on, real-world skills necessary for modern practice. Baylor Lawyers excel for top law firms, the judiciary, government service and business. They assimilate quicker, become productive faster, and hit the ground running ahead of their peers because:

They’re prepared.

At Baylor Law, students craft and deliver opening statements, examine witnesses and conduct multiple jury trials all the way through closing arguments and verdict—just like in practice. They write contracts, prepare trademark applications, craft sales agreements and negotiate complex transactions on behalf of their clients—just like in practice. And they learn how to balance the demands of full caseloads, the responsibilities to their clients, the time requirements for preparation and the emotional pressures of real life—just like in practice. Having honed their skills in one of America’s most challenging lawyer training programs, Baylor Lawyers enter practice prepared to contribute right out of the gate.

They’re productive.

Knowing what to expect, and what’s expected of them Baylor Lawyers provide employers with a substantial return on their investment. Without the need for continual hand holding and constant supervision, law firms save time and money on training. Most witness their young stars seamlessly transition into productive—and profitable—practicing lawyers.

They’re poised.

To stand comfortably before a judge, address a jury, examine a witness and argue successfully in a court of law under the pressures that accompany a critical case, takes having been there, and having done that. Having “gone through the fire,” in the premier Practice Court in the nation, Baylor Law graduates—those pursuing careers in litigation as well as transactional law—enter their first client meeting or negotiation not only poised and prepared, they know how to present themselves as seasoned attorneys.

They’re polished.

Legal employers have long identified writing as a weakness in law school graduates. For Baylor Law graduates—it’s a strength. Here, students fulfill twice as many legal writing requirements as the average school. And Baylor is one of the few schools in the nation with a comprehensive, three-year, fully integrated writing program focused on the development of practice-ready skills. Baylor Lawyers develop a sense of mastery that places them ahead of their peers, ready to enter practice as polished, effective written advocates on day one.

They’re professional.

While many young lawyers struggle to master the “professional competencies” necessary to navigate their firms, Baylor Lawyers begin their careers with a rare, solid foundation in client relations, law firm economics, time management, billing practices, legal technology, as well as the professional and ethical issues they will soon face. With mandatory professional development woven throughout all three years of school, Baylor graduates not only emerge with the requisite skills to succeed in practice, but with the understanding of the professional responsibilities that go with it.

They’re proven.

Employers looking for proof of performance see it reflected in the Bar Rankings. Since 2001, Baylor Law graduates have enjoyed unequaled success on the Texas Bar examinations, having scored the highest first-time passage rate of any law school in the state in 20 out of 33 exams given. In 2016, Baylor Law ranked #4 in the nation on education research site StartClass.com’s list of “Law Schools with the Best Bar Passage Rates.” And in 2017, of the ten law schools in Texas, the highest first time passage rate—once again—went to the graduates of Baylor Law.

As a prospective employer, we invite you to visit our campus and see first-hand what sets our graduates apart—and how we can provide you candidates with the “practice-ready” skills to benefit your firm, your clients, and your community.


“More than graduates of any other law school, Baylor Law graduates enter the marketplace with a real and practical understanding of how to litigate a dispute. In an era in which clients are increasingly unwilling to pay for young lawyers to learn on their cases, employing Baylor graduates provides a firm with a distinct advantage.”

—Julie Springer
Weisbart Springer Hayes LLP

“Historically I have looked to Baylor Law and to Baylor Law graduates to build my firm into the successful litigation group it is today. I will continue to hire and give preference to Baylor trained lawyers for the simple reason that I know they are prepared to litigate and try lawsuits. That makes a world of difference in a busy and high profile litigation firm like ours.”

—Harold Nix
Partner, Founding Member of Nix, Patterson & Roach LLP
Former Member, Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure