In Memoriam | December 2017


December 2017

Galen Robert "Bob" Alderman, Jr., JD ’79, 1

Galen Robert "Bob" Alderman, Jr., was born Nov. 6, 1954 in Richmond, Virginia, and passed away Nov. 4, 2017 in Dallas. The following tribute was written by Kaye, his wife of 32 years:

Galen Robert Alderman Jr. (he would not answer to that, he is just Bob) was, and always will be, my soul mate and partner. He was the kindest, most generous and loving father to his four children, Amber Williams Trickey, Robby Alderman, Katie Alderman Salazar and Cole Alderman. Although the children are grown, we still practice "helicopter parenting" at full throttle, and they have come to accept it. As they age, they even seem to appreciate it. Their weddings were breathtaking. I hope some of you were able to attend. We welcomed Jon Trickey, Rachel Alderman, Fabian Salazar and Robin Alderman as their partners into our family. Multiple grandchildren have blessed our lives including Gage (8), Kimber (5) and Rowan (5 weeks); all are happy and healthy. We were able to share precious moments with our family in places all over the world. We have been so blessed. His parents predeceased him, Galen Robert Alderman Sr. (also known as Bob) and Eleanor Alderman. He is survived by his brother Frank and his wife Wanda of San Antonio, along with many nieces and nephews.

Bob went to Churchill High School in San Antonio (1972), Baylor University (1976), and Baylor Law (1979). He graduated from law school at just 23 years of age and came to Lufkin to join the Zeleskey Law Firm, where he practiced for 35 years before forming a partnership with Bob Cain and Erika Neill in downtown Lufkin in 2014.

He was as passionate about his practice as he was about his family - a strong oak, with flexibility and strength combined. He left no detail unfinished for his clients and law partners, and for the most part, he did it all on a legal pad. He believed in paper, not digital information - something tangible and tactile that could not be deleted. His passion was Barefoot Ranch, his horses and the work he loved to do there. I always struggled with that part. I wanted to go to the ranch for leisure, he wanted to do the work - the mowing, repairing fence, preparing the hay meadows, caring for the horses. He found purpose in the completion of a task, done the "right way." He explained that his work as a lawyer was never finished, never truly completed, it was an ongoing calling and service to his clients. In contrast, when he mowed a pasture, and finished, he could see the fruit of his labor and felt fulfilled.

He served this community in many ways. He was active in the Volunteer Services Council, Noon Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, State Bar of Texas, American Bar Association, Angelina County Bar Association, Texas Associate of Defense Counsel, State Bar Foundation, coaching of Youth Baseball and Soccer, Leadership Lufkin, YoungLife, Baylor University Alumni Association, Crown Colony Country Club Tennis Association and First Christian Church.

Please join our family in honoring him - a great man who touched so many people. I pray his spirit stays with us, as God will allow him, but that he spends eternity on a ranch prepared just for him - somewhere on the outskirts of heaven.