Baylor Lawyer Networks

The Baylor Law Networks offer quarterly networking receptions hosted and underwritten by Baylor Lawyers typically at their firm. Baylor Law School has four active Baylor Law Networks:

Dallas Baylor Lawyer Network

Houston Baylor Lawyer Network

Austin Baylor Lawyer Network

Fort Worth Baylor Lawyer Network

The Baylor Law Networks are growing quickly! If you are interested in starting a Baylor Law Network in your city, please contact Berkley Knas at 254-710-4346 or email Berkley Knas.

Get Involved in The Baylor Lawyer Networks

Baylor Law School encourages all Baylor Lawyers who live in Dallas, Houston, Austin or Fort Worth to become active in the Baylor Lawyer Networks. If you live in one of these cities and are not receiving emails and electronic invitations about BLN events, please send your current contact information to Berkley Knas.