25 Ways to Stay Involved

Connect. Reconnect. And stay connected to Baylor Law and the outstanding community of Baylor Lawyers. Wondering how to stay involved? Here is a list of 25 ways to stay involved with Baylor Law. Whether it is hiring a Baylor Lawyer, reconnecting with your Practice Court partner, supporting a scholarship, or visiting your Baylor Law family at the Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center - we have an opportunity for you! Your involvement and generosity support the future of Baylor Law.

25 Ways to Stay Involved with Baylor Law

  1. Attend Baylor Law alumni events.
  2. Subscribe to and read the Baylor Law alumni magazine, the Docket Call. Staying up-to-date is key! Email Barbara Lindsay.
  3. Donate to the Faculty Fund. Your gift strengthens Baylor Law. Email Susan Wommack.
  4. Refer a client matter to a fellow Baylor Lawyer.
  5. Send a strong, well-qualified prospective student our way. We are always building the next generation of Baylor Lawyers - and we want the best!
  6. Serve as an "Alumni Weekend Rep." We would be thrilled to have your help in rounding up your fellow Baylor Lawyers for the annual Alumni Weekend. Email Barbara Lindsay.
  7. Attend the annual Baylor Law Alumni Weekend! For questions, please email Barbara Lindsay.
  8. Let us know if you are speaking at a CLE training. Just one more way to strengthen our network.
  9. Stay in touch with our faculty. Let them know current issues in your practice.
  10. Send in news of Baylor Lawyers to the Docket Call or Rocket Docket. Keep us current! Email your news to Ed Nelson.
  11. Let the Career Development Office know about open positions at your firm, and of positions you hear about at other firms. We have Baylor Lawyers who can fill those open positions. Email Angela Cruseturner.
  12. Hire a Baylor Lawyer. Because Baylor Law graduates are the best and ready to practice the day after graduation! Email Angela Cruseturner.
  13. Encourage your employer to interview on campus. Email Angela Cruseturner.
  14. Create your own endowed scholarship or student award. You can help us achieve our goal of providing 100% of our student body with some form of scholarship support. Email Susan Wommack.
  15. Renew your donation to your existing scholarship or award. We thank you for your continued support! To renew your donation, email Susan Wommack.
  16. Call or e-mail a fellow classmate or maybe even your Practice Court partner!
  17. Subscribe to and read the monthly alumni e-newsletter, the Rocket Docket. Have a few minutes between clients? Read the alumni e-newsletter from your computer or phone!
  18. Come back to campus and speak to current students. Share practical advice and your experiences as a Baylor Lawyer. Email Barbara Lindsay.
  19. Include Baylor Law in your estate plans. Email Susan Wommack.
  20. Update your contact information (especially e-mail address) on our: Baylor Law Alumni Directory. When updating your information, please make sure the "Preference" tab reflects the information you would like shared. We want to stay connected with you!
  21. Help us organize an alumni event in your hometown! Email Barbara Lindsay.
  22. Join the Baylor Law Alumni Association. We want you to join the family of Baylor Lawyers. To join the Alumni Association, visit Baylor Law Alumni Association.
  23. Be a Judge in a moot court or mock trial competition. Let Barbara Lindsay know if you're interested. Email Barbara_lindsay.
  24. Come back to campus for a football game at McLane Stadium which is directly across the Brazos River from the Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center.
  25. Visit the Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center. We will give you a personal tour! Email Barbara Lindsay.