Current Mock Trial Competitions

Current Mock Trial Competitions


2022-2023 Season • Baylor Law Mock Trial Teams


National Flash Trial Competition Hosted by the University of California Berkeley School of Law

Team Members: Tanner Scheef and Chris Grant

Coach: Chandler Dean

Semifinalists: Tanner Scheef and Chris Grant

Top Advocate: Tanner Scheef

Battle of the Experts Hosted by Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law

Team Members: Rachel Hales, Andrew Boone, Ally Brittain, and Greta Andersen 

Coaches: Mark Altman and Cahal McColgan

Outstanding Advocate: Ally Brittain

The Summit Cup Hosted by the University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Team Members: Ashley Zarate, Will Onyeike, Elena Folgueras, Blake Bryan, and Megan Baumhardt

Coaches: Colin O'Neill and Alli Luckey 

Best in Texas Mock Trial Competition Hosted by the American Board of Trial Advocates

Team Members: Chris Spendlove, Sarah Cureton, and Rhasean Stephens

Coach: Greg White

Best Voir Dire:Chris Spendlove

Best Opening Statement: Rhasean Stephens


National Pretrial Competition Hosted by Stetson Law

Team Members: Gili Canales, Gage Jones, Michael Tagliabue, and Laura Cook

Coaches: Bailey Strohmeyer and Chandler Dean

Champions: Gili Canales, Gage Jones, Michael Tagliabue, and Laura Cook

The Tournament of Champions Hosted by the National Board of Trial Advocates

Team Members: Tanner Scheef, Matthew Vitale, Mark Stahman, and Varun Reddy

Coach: Professor Robert Little

Semifinalists: Tanner Scheef, Matthew Vitale, Mark Stahman, and Varun Reddy


National Civil Trial Competition Hosted by Loyola Law School Los Angeles

Team Members: Sami Shaffer, Daniel Hall, Jake Schultz, Joel Hernandez, and Tristan Crowder

Coaches: Dave Deaconson and Mason Dunnam

American Bar Association Arbitration Competition, Regionals

Team Members: Chris Spendlove, Scarlet Petrucci, Radha Polley, and Archie Cruz

Coach: Chandler Dean


National Trial Competition, Regional Competition, Hosted by the American College of Trial Lawyers and the Texas Young Lawyers Association

Team Members: Tanner Scheef, Rachel Hales, Ally Brittain, Greta Andersen, Emmy Whittaker, and Anna Puff

Coaches: Robert Little & Greg White

Finalists: Tanner Scheef & Rachel Hales

Finalists: Ally Brittain & Greta Andersen

MARCH, 2023

American Associaiton of Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition, Regional Competition

Team Members: Joel Hernandez, Sami Shaffer, Jake Schultz, Vivian Noyd, Savannah Cone, Ryan Hering, Duncan Robinson, Ameyali Sanchez, Maria Zermeno, Alicia Willoughby, Mariana Jordan, and Francisco Calimano

Coaches: Dave Deaconson, Mason Dunnam, and Claire Harbert

South Texas Mock Trial Challenge Hosted by South Texas College of Law

Team Members: Rhasean Stephens, Carisa Brawley, Waleed Ovase, and Alexia Nelson

Coaches: Ben Yelverton and Chandler Dean

Trials and Tribulations Mock Trial Competition Hosted by the South Carolina University School of Law

Team Members: Elena Folgueras, Haleigh Hashem, Maggie Farrell, Tiffany Dunkin, Robert Butler, and Camdon Maydew

Coaches: Mark Altman, Cahal McColgan, and Bailey Strohmeyer

ABA Mediation Competition, Regional Competition

Team Members: Neali Lambert, Emily Means, Juliet Hernandez, and Jenny Bloodworth 

Coaches: Tony Silas

APRIL, 2023

The Crimson Cup Hosted by Harvard Law School 

Team Members: Gage Jones, Waverly Shannon, Varun Reddy, Jamie Mills, Maddie Gerhard, and Emily Mouser

Coaches: Colin O'Neill and Alli Luckey

Estrella Trial Advocacy Competition Hosted by the George Washington University Law School 

Team Members: McKinsey Meeker, Tayler Kennedy, Hannah Pruitt, and Riley Zoch

Coaches: Marcus Fifer and Kristopher Ruiz

Amicus Cup Trial Competition 

Team Members: Ally Brittain and Greta Andersen 

Coaches: Robert Little 

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