The History of Practice Court

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Preparing the Best Advocates for More Than 100 Years

Baylor Law graduates have a reputation for being well prepared for the practice of law, due in significant part to their Practice Court experience. Commanding a room, mastering the facts and the law, and maintaining composure and credibility under pressure are essential building blocks for legal leadership. All are painstakingly developed whether through mini-trials, advocacy exercises, or being called on during class.

Baylor Law has traditionally recruited its Practice Court professors from judges and trial lawyers deeply immersed in the realities of trial practice and who are recognized as true masters of the art of trial advocacy and procedure. Baylor Law graduates are trained to understand and respect dedication to the rule of law and to integrity, and that comes to fruition during the demanding hours of Practice Court.

Since its inception over a century ago, the bedrock of Practice Court has been a commitment to preparing Baylor Law graduates for excellence in the practice of advocacy, precise knowledge of evidence and procedure, and the highest degree of professional conduct.

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