The Practice Court Difference

The Practice Court Difference


Practice Court is an all-in, hands-on, total courtroom training experience unlike any other law school trial advocacy program.

1. It's Required.

Every Baylor Law student goes through Practice Court, regardless of whether they plan to practice as a trial lawyer after graduation. Every student comes away with a foundation upon which to build a successful career in the law, along with the confidence and skills necessary to represent their clients at the highest possible level.

2. It's Comprehensive.

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Honing skills through a combination of intensive study and advocacy exercises, students develop a deeply rooted appreciation for attention to detail, precision in analysis, and clear communication. This is a wholly immersive experience that is as close as it gets to the practice of law.

3. It's Realistic.

To be able to assimilate information, articulate solutions, and identify alternatives under real-world time constraints and difficult situations is an experience that places preparation and time-management skills in the context of a modern law practice. Here students don’t just study law, they live it.

4. It brings all of the components together.

In Practice Court, learning is magnified by doing. It’s here, standing before a judge and jury, facing off against opposing counsel, with all the classroom instruction, advocacy exercises, mock trial and moot court competitions as preamble, where the rubber meets the road.

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