Jaworski Candidates

Each carefully selected candidate for Jaworski Fellow initially commits to spend five days in Practice Court exercises. In partnership with Baylor Law's Practice Court faculty, the Jaworski Candidate conducts advocacy exercises with students in jury selection, jury trial exercises, and offering real-world insights, critiques, perspectives, and suggestions based on years of successful trial advocacy.


Current Jaworski Candidates
  • Rob Ammons
  • Missy Atwood
  • Laura Brown
  • Jerry Clements
  • Jeff Cureton
  • Craig Eiland
  • Wayne Fisher
  • Sharla Frost
  • Gil Gilliam
  • Derek Hollingsworth
  • Tom Jacob
  • Libby King
  • Craig Lewis
  • Letty Martinez
  • Hon. Christine Nowak
  • Tracie Renfroe
  • Jeff Ryan
  • Mark Sales
  • Lyn Stevens

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