Purpose of the Jaworski Fellows Program


Students that enter the competitive academic arena of the nation’s premier Practice Court Program at Baylor Law receive a priceless benefit — studying and learning under some of the top trial lawyers in the country. The full-time advocacy faculty at Baylor Law provide world-class instruction and leadership, but supplemental development under the tutelage of some of the school’s most distinguished alumni is an educational experience second to none.

The Baylor Law Jaworski Fellows Program sets up advocacy students to continue to build a legacy that traces back from Jaworski’s international attention as the Watergate prosecutor (and Baylor Law alum) through to the current Jaworski Fellows and the students they mentor today.

Leon Jaworski's lifelong legacy of advocacy is carried on through students and mentors in the Baylor Law Jaworski Fellows Program.

For students, the rewards are obvious

"Having George Chandler serve as a Jaworski Fellow and observe our trial at Baylor Law was invaluable. Mr. Chandler's years of experience were evident in his to-the-point and instructive comments. Mr. Chandler took every opportunity to show us how to identify and fix shortcomings, move from 'good' to ‘great' and improve our storytelling skills."

"Julie Springer cut to the core of our weaknesses, addressing them frankly and giving us suggestions to overcome them. I worked hard to focus on those areas and felt more polished, professional and ready to practice during the second day of trial. Two days spent with her taught me lessons that will stay with me for a lifetime and make me a better Baylor Lawyer."

"It is an amazing opportunity to hear such an authoritative voice of experience in the corner of a Baylor Law courtroom coaching us, teaching us and talking with us—all coming from outside the faculty."

"When I fumbled through a charge conference, Mr. Ayres took the time to stop the exercise and help me grasp not only the proper way to make the objection but gave easy tips to ensure that I did not waive error during a charge conference again.

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